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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic (North American coastal)

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Making Lemonade!!!! Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Hammer season is here! Bimini Bahamas
solo swimming - Lemons of Palm Beach FL
Lemon Shark playing the field at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Loving the stripes ...Young female Tiger Shark - Tiger Beach Bahamas
Out for a morning swim
Making lemonade at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Sand Tiger Shark taken off North Carolina on one of the many wrecks that are scattered off the coast
Tiger up at night!!!! - Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Tiger Tiger Tiger! Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Feeling Silky off West Palm Beach FL
Hammer Down!!!!!!!! One of Bimini's Finest!!!!!!
There are days photographing underwater when everything lines up!
"Smile for the Camera"
Lemon Shark
Jupiter, Florida
Panasonic LX100 with Light & Motion Sola 9600
Runner Up Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
"Shadow Hunter" - I found this Silky Shark while doing a deep blue water drift dive off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. I was able to capture this image just as one of the Silky Sharks was passing behind me.
Atlantic lobster, Panasonic Lumix G7, Olympus Fisheye PRO
Sand tiger shark on the Caribbsea wreck.
This image of a Polka-Dot BatFish (Ogcocephalus cubifrons) was taken at Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach, FL on an Olympus TG6.
This image was captured off the coast of Florida. Using a black box background and very low lighting I was able to set a dramatic tone for the photo
This Spot-fin Porcupinefish is fully inflated underneath Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach Florida. Taken on an Olympus tg6 with no lenses. Couldn't have asked for a better pose.
This Longsnout Seahorse was found under Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach Florida. This shot was taken around midnight when I came across this little guy clinging to the reef trying to avoid being swept away in the strong current.
Parrotfish feeding in Tobacco Bay near shore in crystal clear water. Image taken from above.
An adult Stoplight Parrot in Tobacco Bay, Bermuda
Seal or golden retriever? This one solicited belly rubs and grabbed my hand with it's flipper when I stopped rubbing its belly, as if to say 'don't stop petting me!' just like a dog. Shot in New England, on Maine New Hampshire Border.
A Triangle of Lemon Sharks
Silky in the sunlight off the coast of Jupiter, Fl.
We had just dropped down for our first dive and we were immediately greeted by a couple of friendly nurse sharks. This one decided to come a little closer as I was getting my camera set-up and I was able to capture her portrait.
3414 Entries Found: Page 1  of  127

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