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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Caribbean Sea

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Saw a sun halo out just after getting home from diving. Thought everyone would enjoy =)
Snorkelling a wreck on The Belize Barrier Reef.
A whaleshark taken yesterday morning at the snapper spawning aggregation on Gladden Spit, Southern Belize
Roatan, Honduras.
Taken with a 5Mp and twin YS-25a strobes off of Cayman Brac. This lobster was surprisingly comfortable with my taking a photo.
French angel fish
Roatan, Honduras.
Roatan, Honduras.
Turtle, over a hundred Carribean dives and the only one I've seen, whilst diving and wow,over a thousand underwater photographs, waiting for fish to pose, and I get this shot with a point a shoot !(Olympus MJU410 on the 3 million pixel)ok its cropped
big school of fish in Curacao
Indigo Hamlet. Jamiaca, Ocho rios. Olympus MJU410 + Epoque 230DS strobe.
Banded tube-dwelling Anemone on a night dive in Blue bay, Curacao
Divemaster touching the outer dome of a moon jellyfish. They are completely safe on one end, sting on the other...
Two of these were having an arguement about territory. Used only camera's internal strobe.
Frog fish on Curacao, playa kalki, nikon D100 light and motion housing
Flamingo Tongue Love
Squid b/w in Curacao on a shore dive. Very curious little guy
Needlefish. jamaica, Ocho Rios. Olympus MJU 410 + Epoque 230DS
I love the polyp detail of tip of this sea rod. Like a million little fingers reaching out to grab you...
cardinal fish with a D100 and a light and motion housing
Diver's exiting cave in Cozumel. Taken with a Canon 5D in a Ikilite Housing metering the available light outside the cave to properly expose the divers and black out the surrounding cavern walls. Image shot in Raw and processed in Photoshop.
This Spotted Eel was ready for his close-up =)
Frog fish in action with a nikon D100
Roatan, honduras.
Neon Gobies share a trait with a cousin called the Sharknose Goby. The name comes from their noses which look like, you guessed it, shark's noses. This shot I think caught that aspect...
Guardian welcoming
14649 Entries Found: Page 531  of  543

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