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by Marchione Giacomo

The blue eyes . Yellow goby in the tunnel

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Malaysia

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Swim through
White Spotted Jellyfish with refugees by Roy See
by: Roy See
White Spotted Jellyfish with refugees
Most divers will swim by Dendronephthya without taking a ... by Roy See
by: Roy See
Most divers will swim by Dendronephthya without taking a second look, but these soft corals show truly vibrant colours when lit by a strobe.
This is a pygmy seahorse taken in Selakan Island, Semporna, Malaysia. Shot at around 15 meters depth. The pygymy seahorse is a difficult subject to shoot due to its size and entanglement with its host. Shot with Sony A7Riii with Marelux housing
Chromodoris dianae, Cleaning Station, Kapalai (Malaysia)
A Cute Whaleshark
Purple Nudibranch (Hypselodoris apolegma), Mabul (Malaysia)
Final RoundThrough to 2021 awards final round judging
Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas), Sipadan (Malaysia)
Four separate groups of divers bumped into each other at ... by Roy See
by: Roy See
Four separate groups of divers bumped into each other at a corner of a reef when a whale shark suddenly dropped in for a surprise visit. Chaos ensued.
Eye of a green turtle with barnacles attached
A simple freedive training during our surface interval, shot with a TG5.
The Harlequin Shrimp sits on a stone.
Hanging gardens, Sipadan.
School of jacks
Fallen tree on Sipadan beach.
Sponge, butterfly fish, diver, whitetip shark......the last two I just found on the screen during post
Healthy coral reefs like this one are becoming less common. Coral bleaching events are increasingly frequent, and ocean acidification and pollutants are other problems that corals are facing. But coral reefs support 25% of marine species.
This cutie goes by the name of "Chromodoris dianae"
Barracudas and diver
Maroon clown.
Big Murena
Underwater Photographer
Scorpio Fish
2964 Entries Found: Page 1  of  110

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