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by Marchione Giacomo

The blue eyes . Yellow goby in the tunnel

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Philippine Sea

7324 Entries Found: Page 1  of  272
This is a photo of a coconut octopus playing along on the sand. Found in Anilao Pier, Batangas
This is a photo of a seapenn crab. Taken during the 2023 Anilao Underwater Shootout
This little snowflake eel found a great place
This is a photo of a lizard fish resting on hard coral. Taken at Minilog site during the 2023 Anilao Underwater Shootout.
Melibe colemani aka "ghost nudi".
Snowflake moray (Echidna nebulosa)
Zenopontonia soror shrimp on Pillow starfish,Culcita novaeguineae
Olympus EM1 Mark II camera and 60 mms macro with Nauticam CMC1 lens. Inons S2000X2 F22 1/125
This group of snails (Vermetidae or ‘worm snails’) make a tubular shell and adhere themselves to the reef. From the safety of their shell they excrete a mucus net.strobe diving from Dumaguete. Later, they reel it back in and enjoy.TG6 natural light
Skeleton Shrimp
Lomanotus sp. with Egg sacs of a parasitic copepod
Gobiodon Okinawae - Yellow Coral Goby
“Better an open enemy than a false friend”
Portrait - Oliver’s Squat Lobster
Nikon D850 with Nauticam Housing
2xDS161, 105mm, ISO 80, f18, 1/200s
Taken in Dumaguete, Philippines
Fire Horse
Bubble nudi (Doto sp.)
Pseudoprotella phasma
Go into the light!
Larval Mototi Octopus - Blackwater Diving
Two Coleman’s Shrimps with double dotted snoot
blanket octopus
Halgerda batangas
Expecting parents
Periclimenes imperator
Single-clawed Phyllognathia ceratophtalma
Runner Up Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
Snooted clown fish on anemone
Costasiella kuroshimae and Caprella sp. with offspring.
Swimming flatworm
7324 Entries Found: Page 1  of  272

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