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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cocos Islands

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Hammerhead shark
Hammerhead at cocos island
"The Moment"
An overhead fly by of a Hammer Head being cleaned in the Cocos.
Runner Up Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
What a beauty! Great capture of this majestic moment!
A huge school of Snapper hanging out in the blue water on a safety stop.
"Follow the Leader"
A big school of Jacks dancing out in the blue.
"Marble Crusiing"
A Marbled Ray inside the arch at Dos Amigos Grande.
"Schools Out"
It was simply amazing to be greeted with such ample fish life all of the dives in Cocos Island, Costa Rica.
"The Armada"
A big school of Hammerheads passes underneath me while on a my safety stop.
"Court Side"
An on looking diver watches a huge school of Jacks dancing in the blue.
"The Temple"
Inside in arch way at Dos Amigos Grande Cocos Island, Costa Rica. This massive structure was filled with schooling fish, resting White-tips and multiple Marbled Rays.
A Diver is surrounded by a huge school of Jacks I envy the feeling the diver must have being surrounded by such a swarm of life, but feel equally as good being able to document my sisters experience.
"White Tip Cruising"
A White Tip swims along a rocky slope with a school of Jacks above.
"Just Passing By"
A Hammerhead keeps its distance as it makes its way out to the deep water.
"Clean Me"
The Hammerheads would almost freeze their motion as they would glide into a cleaning station.
White Tip Reef Sharks on the hunt.
"Hammer Time"
Dancing Hammerheads over a sandy bottom!
"Hammer Train"
Hammerheads coming in for a closer look!
"Marble Top"
A Large Marble Ray swimming across the bottom.
A Hammerhead comes by for a closer look at Dirty Rock, Coco's Island Costa Rica.
A silver bullet
Red Fish .. Blue Fish. A waterfall of jacks .. at Dirty Rock.
nikon200 sealux housing - family meeting
nikon200, housing sealux
Red Lipped Batfish. Dive guide didn't want us to get closer than three feet with strobes. This photo is cropped.
Jedi - by Daniel Przedecki
jacks - nikon D200
98 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4

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