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Elegant nudibranch, Olympus Pen Epl1

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Gulf Of Mexico

1294 Entries Found: Page 4  of  48
SeaLion at Sunset
Wreck off of Cancun that has a lovely deck, was a great place to add bride for an underwater fairy-tale photo!
Finally I encounter an octopus on a beautiful night dive in the Turks & Caicos - WOW, what a beauty! Love, love, love this fella (or gal)!
Squid with colors, Veracruz México
Golden Morey, Veracruz Mexico
The natural mirror, Jardins de la Reina
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2018

Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
"looking at me looking at you" - small damsel fish juvenile
Louis was filming green sea turtle (who was so cooperative)
I call this "Hopeful" - experiment with hard and soft focus together on the main subject
Sometimes you have to stop and take the image of a Christmas Tree worm - just because they are so danged pretty! This is uncropped.
small rough head blenny that I found at the end of my first dive in Roatan
Squid Family in Green, Veracruz México
Green Sea Turtle
less than 2cm Lettuce Leaf sea slug - smallest I have ever seen. I managed to get both eyes on this image as well!
Juv. Cowfish
Whale Shark , Mouth Open
Arrow Crab close up, Veracruz México
Snorkeler and Whale Shark
Snorkeler and Whale Shark
Honduran fisherman on the waters off Roatan as storm approaches.
A diver makes a slow descent in the waters of the Roatan Marine Park.
A reef lobster portrait in the waters of the Roatan Marine Park.
A Damselfish poses for the camera in the waters of the Roatan Marine Park.
Squid Family, Veracruz Mexico
“ Sky Meets Sea” Visiting (El Cielo) Stafish sanctuary in Cozumel. If you look close you can see Starfish on the ocean floor.
Eagle Ray gliding below in Cozumel Mexico
The beginning of an amazing daylight dive around St Andrews jetties in PC Beach, Fl
1294 Entries Found: Page 4  of  48

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