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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Gulf Of Mexico

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Sea horse of Roatan
Dinner time, D300-Tokina 10-17mm
I came across this Red Hind & a small Spotted Moray working together as a team. The Red Hind was protecting the moray as if it were his little brother... LOL
Roatan, D300-60mm
I photographed this green eyed puffer during a shallow night dive just off the rocky shore. I love to dive at night and when I can't find a trip going out I always find plenty of subjects just off the shore...
Robastra Ricei - This nudibranch was only recently identified and named.
Photo of my husband video-taping a huge Goliath Grouper. The monster was much larger than my husband.
Captain of the "El Aguila" in Roatan. Permission to board denied
The Oriskany, an aircraft carrier sunk as an artificial reef off of Pensacola, Florida.
Sailfish - I was visited by this sailfish when I was snorkeling 20 miles from shore to photograph a school of mahi that were swimming around the boat. This sailfish came speeding at me, trying to catch a mahi that had decided to use me for cover.
This is a great shot of a Drum in Cozumel Mexico done on a night dive with a Dx-1G sea & sea camera and a Ys strobe.
Drum move very fast and are often hard to photograph but at night this one slowed down a bit and the flash stopped motion ...
These Rasses were photographed on BlackTip Reef west Of Clearwater Florida .
This is a Belted Sandfish taken on Mammoth Rock Reef, in the Gulf of Mexico,West Of Clearwater Beach Florida. They are commonly found on reefs in the northern to central Gulf and make great macro subjects.
Spadefish at the Air Force Tower site off of Cape San Blas, in the northern Gulf of Mexico.
Seaweed Blenny
This octopus was taken at night with a Dx-1g Sea & sea camera and a Ys strobe as it transitioned between colors
Loggerhead Turtle at the Wreck of the Vamar, Mexico Beach, FL
Roatan seahorse (5D MII 100mm)
One of the many turtles in the waters around Cozumel. Taken the old fashioned way with a Nikonos & film.
Ghost crab on the beach at Mexico Beach, Florida.
Giant Basket Star out for a night feeding frenzy. The unfurling and curling of the long arms were amazing to see.
I took this while on a boat dive out of Panama City Florida. It was my daughter's first boat dive and her scuba certification final dive so I was mostly taking photos of her... but took a few of the fish and got this one.
My son Matthew when He saw a shark for the first time. Boy Scout Camp on deserted Island near Briton Key, Florida This location was at Loo Key
These 2 Flying Gurnards were so enthralled with each other as they swam around in circles, they seemed to not notice my approach. I slowly descended to the sandy bottom and just laid there taking their photo and watching their behavior.
I had just completed a shore dive off Utila and was getting out of the water when I spotted this reef squid in about 2 feet of water. I put on my mask and snorkel and floated over the squid taking several photos as he seemed to pose for me.
Waiting for Sunset
1289 Entries Found: Page 47  of  48

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