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by Jeffrey Lim

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Aegean Sea

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Common crab
Stairway to . . . Shallow wreck in Lesvos Island.
A sunken fishing boat in shallow waters in Pelion.
Let the sun shine in ! smile I have encountered this tube worm in Kabatepe during my weekend dive trip. Requires looots of patience. Nikon 60mm Macro in a Sea&Sea Housing + YS-110 with TTL converter.
Nudibranch Dondice Banyulensis.
Do you feel like a star ? smile Nikon 10.5mm Fish-eye with YS-110 in TTL Mode. Shot off the coast of Cesme.
I came across this nudi when I was snorkelling at Kabatepe, Gallipoli peninsula... It was quite tough taking the photo, for it was full of anemones at 40 cm dept water and I had only my shorts on =)
Mating gobi, posing to the camera
Diving in Kavala, northern Greece with Canon 350d Ikelite housing single Ikelite strobe. In 2m depth this octopus froze, when it saw me swimming in the surface, thinking i couldnt see it...
Underwatern scenery - beggining of the shore dive, Kalandra, Chalkidiki
Right beneath the suface II
Right beneath the surface!
Right beneath the suface!
This amazing scenery wes taken by olimpus mju 700, no strobes
Mating bleny, posing for my camera
Sea horse.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
a clean shot George, unusual pose for midwater...
I took this cuttle fish eye shot in Bodrum, Smuggler Bay. The cuttle fish has burried itself into the sand.
platichthys flesus luscus swiming away
Typical view in the Aegean sea - fishes eating sea urchin
Alien Nation
Who said that fish do not ly on their back to take a nap? m1070SW
Huge Seastar m1030SW Olympus
Cuttlefish & Diver
Flabellina Affinis.
School time...
Roller Coaster for nudis !!!
how said that nudis don't have fun ??? :-)
1385 Entries Found: Page 46  of  52

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