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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Barbados

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Close up shot of a Turtle
Puffer Fish
10" seahorse
I took this with a Nikon D300 in a Sea & Sea Housing, 60mm Macro lens, and dual strobes off the coast of Barbados.
The Bajan Queen and Jacqui - rookie photographer's playground in Carslyle Bay off Bridgetown. Taken snorkelling
Trumpetfish pretending to be a snapper
Glass Eye Snapper under one of the Carlisle Bay Wrecks
Green Turtle on the Boot reef
Swimming with sea turtles
Adult Green Sea Turtle seen off of Payne's Bay, St James Barbados
Green turtles swimming in blue water, the suns rays cutting through the water
Moray ell, hiding under brain cora. Olympus E330 + epoque 230 strobe
Taken with an Olympus C5000 at the Depalm Island, Aruba.
Green turtle. Olympus E330 and Epoque 230ds strobe
Barbados Trunkfish. Olympus E330 and Epoque 230
Lizard fish - see those teeth !
Olympus E330 and epoque 230ds strobe
Green turtle, with friends, Barbados, Olympus E330
Moray eel. Olympus E330 and Epoque 230 strobe
Green turtle :-)
Olympus E 330
Turtles , one of my favourite shots ever. Olympus 330 and Epoque strobe, with natural sunlight.
Happy Christmas
There was a triangle I was trying to shoot between the blenny + the 2 Xmas tree worms. Can you see it?
A not so blended in longsnout seahorse.
Look inside.
Magnificent feather duster worm and its two sets of radioles.
Look close and you will see the eyes on a really really tiny sun anemone peering down from the middle of this pic =)
Closeup of the eye of a brown garden eel common to the caribbean.
I was playing with a low aperture (F4) to blur the backround of this spotted Moray.
98 Entries Found: Page 3  of  4

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