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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Barbados

98 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4
Merry Christmas Underwater Photographers
“Curious” A little curious Trunkfish in Barbados. Taken with TG-4
“Coral Garden” Taken in Carlisle bay, Barbados with Olympus TG-4
Diving around a wreck in Barbados
Trumpetfish next to a wreck in Barbados
“Trumpetfish”. Diving below a wreck in Barbados. Taken with TG-4 and fill light.
Spotted Moray taken in Barbados with an Olympus Tg-4
“School of squirrels” Taken under a wreck in Barbados with an Olympus TG-4 and fill light
“Aquatic Equine” Diving in Barbados and finally found a Seahorse in the wild. Taken with Olympus TG-4 with light.
Cushion Sea Star. Taken in Carlisle Bay, Barbados with Olympus TG-4
“Dramatic Appearance” Found this wreck in Barbados. It’s always an eerie feeling when they appear from the cloudy water.
“Two Way Traffic” this is the actual image, but with colors enhanced to show the two species of Seargent Major Damselfish and Ballyhoo, traveling in opposite directions. Taken with Olympus TG-4
“Friendly” Green Sea Turtle calmly swimming around me. Taken with Olympus TG-4
“Curious” Green Sea Turtle came in for a closer look at the human taking his picture. Taken with Olympus TG-4 in Carlisle Bay, Barbados.
“Time Forgotten”. Armed with a mask, snorkel, a map, and my TG-4, I swam out far from shore and found this wreck in Barbados.
Hawksbill Sea Turtle silhouetted by the sun while snorkeling in Carlisle Bay, Barbados. Taken with Olympus TG-4
Interior of shipwreck in Barbados.
Hawksbill Turtle shot with Canon G7x Compact while diving with Andrew Western from Ecodive, Bridgetown
Photo bombed while capturing 2 beautiful christmas tree worms
Great opportunity to get close to this turtle resting among the weeds
Turtle Up Close
Protected by a sea urchin, but I got you anyway little one!
Monkey swimmers
Looking up at the Cement Plant pier
Look at my beautiful coat of multi colour
Caribbean Reef Squid consuming a Chromis Reef fish
A new invasive species to Barbados, one of the last islands in the Caribbean to get them. It was checking me out as it slowly swam by.
98 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4

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