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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Netherlands Antilles

2378 Entries Found: Page 17  of  89
Longlure frogfish: Waiting a meal with its baited lure.
Longsnout seahorse
Cymothoid Isopods: Double trouble for this fish with a pair of cymothoid isopods hooked into each side of its jaw.
Spinyhead Blenny
this was taken in November in Bonaire...I thought the pattern on this Cyphoma gibbosum was quite unusual...and the contrast to the lavender rope sponge it was on was t me, the best.
This is uncropped.
Olympus EPL-5, Nauticam housing, 60mm macro lens (no diopter), 2 Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes,
F/18, s 1/160 and ISO 200
Peppermint Goby (Coryphopterus lipernes) size for this guy was about 1 inch.
Secretary Blenny, with an eye out for a meal.
A pink frogfish waits patiently with its baited lure in action.
Lettuce Sea Slug ( Tridachia crispate)@ Rappel with Bonaire NA
Would these be eggs being left by the flamingo tongue snail??
Male yellowhead jawfish aerating his batch of eggs.
At Karpata, Bonaire
Goby on rope sponge taken with Canon G11 in Fisheye FIX housing and double close-up lens accessory.
Spotted Cleaner Shrimp Taken with my friend Kent from BC @ Red Slave Bonaire NA 1/125 F45 +10 subsee
Two frogfish just hanging out.
Lettuce Nudibranch, Bonaire
Can't match the flamboyancy of the Pacific species
Starksia hassi Ringed Blenny
Bonaire NA "Front Porch"
D800 1/250 F25
105mmx2 Sea&Sea YS110a
Starksia hassi Ringed Blenny
Bonaire NA "Front Porch"
D800 + 10 subsee diopter 1/160 F25
105mmx2 Sea&Sea YS110a
Beautiful Anchor on the top of Rock Pile Reef.
Starksia hassi Ringed Blenny Bonaire NA "Front Porch" D800 1/160 F25 105mm 2xYS110a
Yellowhead jawfish clearing sand from its tunnel.
Hairy Blenny species
Spinyhead Blenny in a blanket of Sargent Major eggs.
King of the Hill
Yellowhead Jawfish. Spent some time and a number of dives watching for the eggs to develop
Red Clingfish Bonaire NA
Red Clingfish Bonaire NA
2378 Entries Found: Page 17  of  89

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