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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Sudan

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Tiny seastar shrimp tucked away on a seastar. Shot taken on a night dive in the Red Sea, Sudan.
Nemo's Dad
Jack Stack!!! A stack of horse eye jacks in the Sudanese Red Sea...
Barracuda sundance smile
I waited years to dive with a massive school of barracuda.....and when I finally got the opportunity...enjoyed every minute smile
Canon Ixus 100, Inon fisheye lens and MWB
Crown of thorns close up.
Canon Ixus 100, Inon close up lens and single Inon D2000 strobe. smile
Silky shark in the sunbeams, converted to B&W in PS smile
Barracuda, Sudan - trying to isolate an individual in the swirling mass was harder than I thought it would be...
Diver entering a cave.
Canon ixus 100, Fisheye lens , MWB
Silky shark flyover !!
Canon G9, single inon D2000 strobe smile
Barracuda school, Shaab Rumi Reef
Prom deck of the Umbria in Sudan.
Canon ixus 100, fisheye lens and mwb.
BW dolphins taken using D700 Nikon camera in aquatica housing,17-35 ,2.8 zoom Nikon lens
Red sea fan with my dive buddy.
Canon Ixus 100, fisheye lens, single inon D2000 strobe.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
You can't beat a big splash of red
On your marks.........get set....GO
Barracuda dreaming smile
Canon ixus 100, fisheye lens and MWB.
Silky shark under the Royal Evolution, Sudan
Photographing silky sharks at night in the Red Sea, Sudan - awesome fun!! Here I used a single strobe with medium sized snoot to get a relatively narrow lighting effect. Towards the end they were starting to get a little too bold for my liking...
Silky shark in the Red Sea, Sudan
Barracuda wallpaper.....
I will never tire of diving with large schools of barracuda. Amazing fish and trilling experience.
Canon Ixus 100, inon fisheye lens and MWB
Peek a boo !!
I never tire of these little fish.....cute and with lots of attitude !!
Canon Ixus and single inon d2000 strobe.
Barracuda raining...B&W
Barracuda sunball.
Canon ixus and fisheye lens.
BUMP! A silky shark comes in to bump my dome port - if you look closely you can see the bite marks where another shark has chomped on this one.
Silky shark with diver.
This is this divers current screensaver !!
Prom deck of the Umbria in the Red Sea, Sudan
Enemy of the reef.....
Canon ixus 100, inon close up lens, single inon d2000 strobe.
Silky shark .
We had a number of very fun dives with the silkies in Sudan. The sharks were very inquisitive and kept coming in close to check us out.
Barracudas. They were practically touching the dome port of my fisheye lens as they spun and swam around me. Amazing.
385 Entries Found: Page 8  of  15

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