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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Sudan

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Lionfish at Shaab Rumi dive site in Sudan.
Canon ixus 980, fisheye lens and single inon d2000 strobe.
My Buzz lightyear dive buddy !!
I love the beams of light in this photo.
Canon Ixus 100 and fisheye lens, MWB.
Barracuda, Barracuda, Barracuda.....spinning and dancing in the sun !!!
Diver bubbles.
My buddy was cruising just below me and I loved the way the bubbles hit the dome of my fisheye lens. Ixus 100, MWB.
Silky shark silouette.
Canon ixus 100, fisheye lens and MWB.
It can pose too....
Bumphead parrotfish. Very cool fish but difficult to photograph away from the reef.
Shaab Rumi Sept 2009.
Ixus 980 with fisheye lens. mwb.
My buddy swimming with a near constant stream of barracuda. They liked the hood !!
Red & Blue....
Goby on sea whip. I was looking for a sea whip that looked green with strobe.
Canon ixus 100 with inon close up lens and single d2000 strobe.
Barracuda race....first to reach the diver !!
Another barracuda encounter in Sudan....amazing.
Parrot fish bunk beds.....three tier.
Really needs to be enlarged to see properly.
Three Fiat cars on the wreck of the Umbria. They are quite hard to light up with a single strobe. Ixus 100 and single inon d2000 strobe.
Silky fly by !
We dived a site in sudan that had lots of silky sharks. They were very curious and kept checking us out.
Parrot fish portrait.
Difficult to photograph during the day, parrot fish make great subjects as night falls and they begin to settle for the night. This one was photographed on the wreck of the Umbria at the start of a night dive.
Business end of Barracuda !!
Apparently, whilst I was taking this guys portrait photo, another Barracuda was hovering just behind my head......checking out the finished shot !!!
3 old Fiats on the Umbria in Sudan - a fabulous wreck to dive, and a real treat to see these old cars from the 1940s.
Crown of thorns starfish.
First time using my close up inon went for something that was not moving !!!!!
Canon ixus, inon close up lens, inon d2000 strobe.
Barracuda ball.
Mwb, canon ixus and fisheye lens.
Diver with barracuda.
Barracuda train......
canon ixus , fisheye lens, mwb.
Silky shark.
This guy had a scar on its back.
Time for a shark shot! Silky shark cruising underneath Royal Evolution, Sudan
Barracuda twister !!
Bow of the Umbria. Looks better in B&w than in colour. Canon ixus 100 and fisheye lens with mwb.
Coral Cod portrait, Sudan - this shot took 20 minutes, more than 50 attempts, and one blown strobe!
Silky sharks are really beautiful and were very curious, constantly coming very close to check us out !!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
very clean - it's harder than it looks to isolate one shark
Barracuda Turn.
There really is something special about diving in the centre of a large school of barracuda. An amazing experience.
385 Entries Found: Page 9  of  15

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