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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By John M Akar

138 Entries Found: Page 2  of  6
under the Dauin pier
Pipefish free swimming. I just loved the colours and shape of its head
nudibranch or tabogan? Can anyone help with the name for it please?
Mandarin male in full display to another male (off screen)
"talk to the hands" - ocellate octopus standing tall as I approached to take the shot
This little white frog (size of my thumbnail) had seen something in the hole and started fishing for it with his lure! I waited but nothing came out
Under the pier at Dauin - is it a forest or marine environment
Up close and personal
Tiger shrimp - never seen before. I think I may have screamed underwater :O
small grouper on coral
Turned around to catch this frog changing position from one pier leg to teh other. My firend behind is on her way down to get a shot too!
According to my female firends, if Vivien Westwood designed a nudibrach, it would look like this!
Cardinal with eggs in mouth. It turned its face every time it wanted to aerate the eggs by spitting them out it - doh!
The pearly eyes of a squat lobster
nemo in dumaguete
Y under pier in Dauin. The turgid water gives the soft glow
photographer colleague hunting the shot!
the "chewing" creates a beak
The dancing queen! 1/250th of second needed to freeze the motion of this juvenile sweetlips
Skunk clown in anemone - I just loved the vibrant colours!
Xeno crab - it liked decorating itself with the polys from the coral it was living on so does that make it a decorator crab after all?
Menage a trois! These two mating nudibrachs had a voyeur voyager keeping track of the "goings on"
Under Dauin pier in Dumaguete. The water was a turbid but that gave the light a lovely "glow"
Juvenile mantis eyes before they get their characteristic criss-cross look
Taken on our one trip to Apos Island before the weather made it impossible!
Blue and yellow dreadlocks!
Wish I was back there!
138 Entries Found: Page 2  of  6