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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By John M Akar

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I always find it fascinating how these shrimps match they're colouring to the feather stars! Is it chicken or egg i.e. does the shrimp look at itself and say - "I need to find a balck and white feather star" LOL
Looks like it's floating but I promise it is munching away on the reed
"sunflowers" - cup corals in current
Mating mandarin pair. Look at the back, you will see the female releasing her eggs
Pontohi seahorse chaging perch! Of course, as usual, the new perch was tucked under an overhang so that meant the end of any chance to get nice clear shots - Doh!
Paradise pier with sunburst
White hairy frog - it was really friendly and kept following the divers.
Nudibranch - in your face
Cuttlefish egg - even in the egg you can see that it has colour change cells activated, albeit only white for the moment!
Xeno crab on whip coral - Lembeh.
Paradise pier - Manado. Look closely you'll see a diver "peeking" from behind the fan :-0
Tiger Shrimp from Lembeh.
pontohi seahorse looking a little disdainful at having their photo taken :-0
Cheek to cheek. using a 40D and x 2 woody, I nearly ran out of frame!
when I was first show this I thought it was just a piece of weed! It wasn't till it moved that I saw it and even then eye strain was the order of the day!
My wife had seen this lizzard fish yawn 2 so I waited in front of it for 10 minutes to see if he would repeat the performance - unfortunately not!
white ornate ghost pipefish. There were two fo them, bright white - unfortunately they didn't want to stay together. The smaller one however positioned itself with a nice negative background
Fire dart gobey - spent ages with this little fish, inching closer and waiting until it turned to face me rather than the get usual profile shot. Of course it only gave me the chance to get about 3 shots before it "darted" off ;-)
Anemone shrimp
Panda clown and parasite in mouth form trip to Manado in November. I was disheartened to see so many clowns with these parasites. Nearly all on the clowns that I saw had them
First time for me to see this critter and there were 4 of them on the slender hydroid. I liked the "pearly" eyes
Pair of coleman shrimp on fire urchin. I found out why they call them fire urchins as one of them brushed into my calf whilst taking this shot!!
A little bundle of nudis (three in the picture if you count the Rhinophores)
Mantis shrimp doing its spring cleaning (carrying out and throwing away dirt form its burrow)
We teach them ever younger how to give the OK sign and turn in into a peekaboo!
Bonaire - anemone shrimp. the sequence of shots to get this was quite long as several times I'd take a shot and find the current had wafted one of the anemone arms over the shrimp!
Thunmnail sized polkadot froggy
138 Entries Found: Page 1  of  6