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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By John M Akar

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This was my first encounter with an eel pipefish and probably one of the hardest critters I've ever tried to photograph. I sweated underwater!!
There were two hawk-fish flitting around the black coral but only one of them settled down enough for me to take the shot after 15 mintues or so
Unfortunately no eggs - but cool to watch this jawfish cleaning out its home and then getting its breath back. Perhaps I could burrow some of Brian's jelly beans?
Spotted by my wife at the end of a long dive. I just loved the contrast between the size of the baby clown and the white anemone heads
I took this shot as the nudi was well posed and then called my friend over to take a shot. It was only afterwards on dry land that he showed me his shot that had the eggs it had just layed! Doh!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
no eggs but still a shot to be proud of John
Jacks in a hunting line cruising through bait ball!
Yellow Damsel - I've always thought this fish to be really pretty but never knew trying to take a shot of one is like trying to catch a greased piglet!
Red-lipped Blenny and Christmas tree worms. I saw this little fella initially in the X-mas tree worms and he swam off. Waited for over 30 mins for him to come back! Only got one chance to get the shot
Close focus wide-angle of barracuda. Just disturbed it at a cleaning station. I'm not sure it was too happy
dock master - recognise it Brian? Marine Iguana
Sing for your supper. Frog with mouth open, sitting in the top of a tube sponge
Above or below? An unexpected visual effect - is this underwater or above? Canon 10D, Ikelite housing
The rainbow - the only day it rained and then glorious sunshine!!
Jacks hunting
Blenny wave - canon 10D, Ikelite housing
Through the red. Reef scene - had a lot of fun trying to get this in a current!
bat fish profile - had the 100 mm lens on so could only get the face!
Coral pinnacle in St John's caves.
St John's caves entrance. Cathedral time!
Dotty-back close-up. I haven't got the faintest clue why these are called dottybacks - any ideas?
Lion on the Salem Express

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice emphasis on a relatively small subject in the frame John
Foster's hawk fish on sentry above clown fish colony
Green turtle - I wonder if it's greener over there ....? There were two huge ramora on this poor fella
Butterfly face
There be dragons here - dragonette
Light at the end of the tunnel
Cavern reflections
138 Entries Found: Page 3  of  6