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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Marchione Giacomo

653 Entries Found: Page 5  of  25
Dharavandhoo. Maldives
manta ray
Nikon D800E , two strobo
Whale shark with remoras
South atholl Maldive.
Nikon D800E , 17-35mm . Two strobo
Big one. Whale shark and remores
Nikon D800E, 17-35mm Nikon . Two strobo
Together. Nikon D800E , 105 macro , two strobo
Lembeh strait
Blue stripers . Maldives
Nikon D800E , 16mm , two strobo
Duo ribbon eel
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , two strobo
Periclimene on Spanish Dancer
Walea: Nikon D200
Banded pipefish. Nikon D800E , 105 macro
Hair frog . Lembeh strait
Nikon d800E , 105 macro , two strobo
Lembeh strait
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , snoot RETRA LSD
Parrot fish
Nikon D800E, 10,5mm , minidom widemacro
Two strobo
Dharanvadhoo . Maldives
Red carpet.
Hymenocera picta. Lembeh strait wit Daniele Daniele​ and Puri Masuri​
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , snoot retra
ISO100, F29, 1/250
Portrait Cocco Octopussy
Nikon D800E, 105 macro . Retra LSD
Lembeh strait
Yellow river
Nikon D800 E , 16 mm , two strobo
Dharavandhoo . Maldives
Manta birostris
Nikon D800E , 16mm . Seacam housing .
Two strobo
Dharavandhoo Island . Maldive
Alectis ciliaris,juvenile
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , two strobo
Mantas and model
Nikon d800e, 10,5MM
Two strobo sea and sea 120Ys 120 ys
Dharavandhoo Island . Maldives
Phylognathia ceratophthalma
Lembe strait . Nikon D800E. Two strobo
Snake eel with periclimenes magnificus
Lembeh strat
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , snoot RETRA
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2016
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Final RoundThrough to 2016 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Stunning capture! Perfect composition and very powerful subjects.
Big mouth
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , snoote retra.
Lembeh strait
Cuttlefish Flamboyan
Lembeh strait
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , two strobo
Miamira sinuata
Nikon D800E , 105 macro + sub sea 10. Two strobo
Lembeh strait
Arlequin shrimp . Lembeh strait
With Daniele Daniele and Puri Masuri
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , two steobo sea and sea 120 Ys
ISO100, F32, 1/250
Lembeh strait. Nikon D800E , 105 macro, two strobo
Ceratosoma tenue and Periclimene imperator
Nikon D800E, 105 macro , two strobo
Double Arlequin
Nikon D800E , 105 macro . Retra snoot
ISO100 ,F29; 1/250
Final RoundThrough to 2016 awards final round judging
Flabellina exoptata
Nikon D800E, 105 macro , sub sea +10 , snoot RETRA
Lembeh strait
653 Entries Found: Page 5  of  25