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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Marchione Giacomo

653 Entries Found: Page 21  of  25
Soft home: Nikon D200 , 60 macro , two strobo
Walea 2007 Indonesia
Nudi lovers: Indonesia - Gangaa island
Nikon F90x, 105 macro, two strobo , velvia 50
Twin horse: Nikon D200, 105 macro,two strobo
Walea 2007- Tonjan Islands
Sea horse:Nikon D200, 60 macro , two strobo
Lembeh strait 2007
Blanchè: Walea 2008-Tonjian island
Nikon D200 , 60 macro , two strobo
The monkey: Orangu tan- Nikon D200 , macro 60 , two strobo. Cebu, Moal Boal 2008
The shell: Nikon D200 , 60 macro , two strobo
Lembeh strait- Manado
Box:Moal Boal -Cebu 2008.
Nikon D200, 60 macro, two strobo
Crinoid shrimp:Nikon D200, 60 macro , two strobo
Moal Boal 2008
Angela:Gebu-Moal Boal 2008
Nikon D200 , 10,5 lens,two strobo
Skeleton shrimp:Moal Boal, Cebu 2008
Nikon D200 , 60 macro lens , two strobo
Zero. Nikon D200, 10,5 lens nikon, two strobo
Moal boal, Cebu 2008
Ell monray: Lembeh street 2007
Nikon D200, 60 macro lens, two strobo

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Cracking bottom shot Marchione. See the shrimp?
Flabellina :Lembeh street 2007
Nikon D200 , 60 macro , two strobo
Lovers:Nikon D200- 105 macro. two strobo
Moal Boal, Cebu 2008
O sole mio- The singer. Nikon D200 - 60 macro- two strobo
Moal Boal - Philippines 2008
The garden:Nikon D200 , 10,5mm, two strobo
Moal Boal , Cebù
The eyes: Nikon D200 , macro 60 , two strobo
Moal Boal 2008
Among the stars.Nikon D200 , 60 macro ,two strobo
Moal Boal -Cebu- Philippines 2008
White gost: Walea 2007 , Nikon D200, 60 macro, two strobo
Tiny frog "Oplà":Nikon D200 , 60 macro two strobo. Lembeh street 2207
the dancer: Nikon D200, 60 macro , two strobo. çembeh street 2007
Cowfish. Nikon D200 , 60 micro , two strobo. Lembeh street
Indonesia 2007
Free dancer:Wlaea 2007. Nikon D200 , 60 macro, two strobo
The family:Nikon D200, Macro 60 lens, two strobo
Walea 2007
Star and goby: Nikon D200 , 60 macro nikon , two strobo
Lembeh 2007
The fly:NikonD200, 10,5 mm Nikon Two strobo
Walea 2007
Final RoundThrough to 2007 awards final round judging
653 Entries Found: Page 21  of  25