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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Michael Shope

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In honor of breast cancer awareness this October my dive buddy rocked a Pink dive mask while diving the Hardee's wreck off the coast of Moorehead City NC.
The U -352 is one of the many World War II casualties off the NC coast.
Diver on the U -352 wreck off the coast of NC
Diver swimming through the stern section of the Aeolus wreck off the coast of Moorehead City NC
Everyone loves Boobies......the blue Boobie is one funny bird
eyes watching you
Thanks to this web site I had this picture publish in Men's Journal. One of the photo editors was looking on this site for pictures of the Hilma Hooker in Bonaire. The saw one of my others and emailed me to see if I had others. Thanks Benny!!!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Editors never choose shot you like! (except me!)
Diver swimming along reef in Fiji
Taken on one of the land excursions during a visit to the Galapagos Islands
Clown of the coast of Qamea, Fiji
Beautiful shore line of Qamea, Fiji
snorkler enjoying the clear waters of Fiji
Dive Master in Fiji
Momma and her baby.
Susan snorkeling on Horse Shoe reef.
My wife snorkeling with clown fish on the Qamea reef in Fiji.
I was very lucky to be the only diver on the boat most days on my trip to Fiji, the dive master Frank was great. He made for an excellent underwater model. I hope this picture does him justice. My thanks to you Frank.
Land Iguana hidden in the bushes on one of the islands in the Galapagoos Islands.
looks like a clown fish month.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I know, clowns are the most overdone subjects but we need to ackowledge them very now and then and hell, they are cute!
I hope this works as a CFWA if not please move to correct category. This is my beautiful wife snorkeling with a pair of Clown fish on Qamea reef in Fiji. This trip was my first experience taking pictures while snorkeling.
Hammer Heads of the Galapgos Islands.
Big Fish, Big Fun!!!
baby sea lion taking a nap in the Galapagos Islands
Hammer Heads every place you look. The schooling Hammer Heads of the Galapagos Islands were a incredible site to behold. This pic doesn't do it justice. There are 150+ Hammer Head sharks schooling by us. It was GREAT!!!
This is a good example of the size of a whale shark. With my dive swimming right next to the sharks tail.
Dive Master and Mr. Big
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2007
2nd place Monthly HotShots
Final RoundThrough to 2007 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Great BGC (big critter shot) Mike
manatee in crystal river
162 Entries Found: Page 1  of  6