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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Michael Schlenk

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Bottlenose dolphin and diver
The view of inside looking out of "The Blue Cave" Curacao. The picture does not do justice to the beauty of this location.
My wife and daughter enjoying the last sunset of our recent Curacao visit.
Inside look at a feather duster.
Golden Moray showing me how brave he is.
Toadfish of Roatan. Kinda looks like an old girlfriend of mine. She was ugly as sin too.
A face only a mother can love.
Nurse shark under ledge off Boynton Beach Florida
Trumpetfish doing the best he can to hide from my camera.
Moon over Miami (Boca Raton actually!)
Balloonfish checking to see if the coast is clear before he comes out of his hiding place.
Trumpetfish checking me out, wanting to make sure I get his good side.
Don't happy!
Stingray stirring up the bottom trying to get at some dinner. I was struck by the sinister look in his eyes.
Scuba training @ Ginnie Springs
Freshwater diving in the Florida springs.
Sand Tiger Shark off N. Carolina coast
Pederson shrimp off S. Florida coast
Fireworm out and about off South Florida coast.
Is this my best side?
Blennies off S. Carolina coast.
Blue angel posing for a nice shot off S. Florida
A face only a mother can love.
Lots of Jellyfish off SE Florida coast this day.
Some lightning over the water on a recent visit to Atlantic Beach, NC. It was a nasty storm, but diving conditions were still excellent the next day.
Lion fish off North Carolina Coast. Wreck of the Schurz.
Sand Tiger Shark sited off North Carolina coast.
Green Moray eel on the wreck of the Sea Emperor in S. Florida. Canon XTi, Canon EF-S 10-22mm zoom, Ikelite DS-125 strobe
57 Entries Found: Page 2  of  3