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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Brad Cox

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Zeno crab ??? Im not sure on what this is. Any ideas
looking straight back at ya, come in its nice down here .....Marlin Board and surface support Abrolhos WA
the end of the dive
Lion fish Sulawesi
Mr Grumpy .Frog Fish Navy Pier Western Australia
It takes some time and some patience to get these mantis shrimps to stay still
Saw this Estuary Cod and Coral Trout guarding there soon to be dinner in a hole in the coral.Exmouth Navy Pier
Close up full frame of Olive Sea snake Navy Pier Exmouth West Aust
Sharks Navy Pier West Aust
Hairy crab Sulawesi
Red Emperor Unusual to see a red so shallow. Navy Peir Exmouth West Aust
Coral Trout Navy Pier Exmouth
Navy Pier Yesterday photo says it all.
Cuttlefish Indo
Peek-a-boo I can see you.
Twin Ribbon Eels Bali
Puff the magic Nudi. Sulawesi
Nudi Busso Jetty Western Australia
Nudis in caught in the act. Quobba Coastline Western Australia
Christmas Tree worms Coral Bay Western Australia
Lion Fish Sulawesi
Spot the Fish Bunaken Olympus C 4000
Hairy Anenome crab Sulawesi Olympus 7070
Twin Bullocki's Bali Olympus 7070
Early moring dive at the Liberty Shipwreck Tulamben BALI.
Tanks of the San Fran Maru Truk Lagoon. Itching to get back to Truk
Found this little fish with his head out of the bottle, when I approached he hid inside. Managed to get the strobe to shine through the glass. Lembeh
96 Entries Found: Page 2  of  4