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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Arthur Telle Thiemann

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Jelly by night. This was a very lucky moment: I had attached the fisheye for that nightdive, a very unusual combination. Just entering the water we found this beautyful jellyfish. I think it will be very difficult to get such an opportunity again.
Underwater shopping...they just can't let it be ;-)
2 for the price of 1. Another picture of the winning portfolio at the Eilat Red Sea World of Underwater Images 2009.
Cleaning shrimp in front of her home, a clup tip anemone
Cleaning goby on a viola grouper.
A common cuttlefish with a bit of special illumination...
A night active tube anemone. There's a large field of these beautyful animals covering the sand in 8-12 m depth in front of Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote.
Cleaning shrimp on a red grouper.
Comb seastar, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
I think this animal doesn't need much description... ;-)
THE EYE. Eye of a cuttle fish. I found this girl putting her eggs into a very tiny crevice in the rocks, and after a moment to get sure that I wouldn't harm her, she continued with her work allowing me to approach very close
SYMMETRY. The feathers of a spiral worm, extended into the current to catch plancton.
THRILLER. A few wooden rests of a wreck in the south of Lanzarote. This picture was part of the winning portfolio at the Open Fotosub Lanzarote 2008, and was shot in b/w. It has no PS adjustments, only size, sharpen and sign.
ZOOMING. This is another picture from the winning portfolio in Eilat, Israel, past november. It's just as it came out of the camera, without any PS effect or adjustment, except size, of course.
SPOTLIGHT. Canarian seastar (Narcissia canariensis) inside a cave in Lanzarote.
2nd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I know it's a setup but it's so simple and graphical it's great!
Nudi. This picture was part of the winning portfolio at the Eilat Red Sea World of Underwater Images 2009. Taken at the beginning of the first dive of the competition, a rare encounter there in Eilat. Yes, a little bit of luck is necessary...
The eye in the sand. Greater weever buried in the sand waiting for some "food" passing by.
PAINTED. Center of an anemone, wit a very special colour pattern, and on top of it a little bit special illumination.
Bumblebee shrimp, Gnatophyllum elegans. A very common species, but difficut to see, and more difficult to find one well placed to take a good picture of it.
Caulerpa, a very beautyful algae. I wonder why there are only very few such pictures on contests or forum. May be swimming things are more interesting...
Light and shadow. Anemone (Telmatactis cricoides) with selective illumination.
The Phantom. A small scorpionfish with selective illumination.
Good viz and sun shining! Perfect conditions for such a pic. Personnally I like specially the reflection under the surface.
This is another of the winning portfolio in Eilat, Israel. Yes, a little bit of luck, but I think that this picture is much more than luck.
One of the pictures of the winning portfolio at the Epson Red Sea World of Underwater Images, held in Eilat last november
Octopus eye. This guy was walking around the reef trying to find something to eat. It took me much time to get him enough confident to stay at only 2 or 3 inches away from my camera, but the result was worth it.
Disco crab!!! Arrow crab in front of an anemone. I adjusted a very narrow DOP to get the anemone completely blured. So the tips appear just as blue spots.
129 Entries Found: Page 1  of  5