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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Arthur Telle Thiemann

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Incredibly blue water around El Hierro, the most occidental of the Canary Islands. Picture taken at the last minute of the last dive of the regional championship, and part of the winning portfolio.
A little bit special gorgonian fan. Not the usual shape, but not so boring smile
Picture taken in the southeast of Gran Canaria, at -30 m.
Japanese Zero, for me the most photogenic plane-wreck of the world. Perfect size, almost intact, and nothing arround it disturbing. More pics on my web click here
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2008

Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging

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zero to hero!
This is a very friendly big grouper called Felix by the local divers from Lanzarote. I've added a special effect with a long shutter time. Hope you enjoy it. More on my web
"MONKEY REEF". A strange point of view of El Bajón, El Hierro, Canary Islands. This is one of the winning pics of the "XI Open Fotosub Isla de El Hierro", october 2007.
Freedivers training. These guys where going down to about 30 m. Tenerife, Canary Islands. The shot has no PS adjusts, it was taken in b/w.
A different point of view...
A cousin of Nemo with his parents arround their home. Picture taken in Tulamben, Bali.
Green turtle with diver. Picture taken in the south of Tenerife, Canary Islands.
EOS 5D, 15 mm Sigma, ...
Agaete, in the north of Gran Canaria. Sea&Sea DX8000G with super wide lens.
This is one of the pictures I submitted for the "Sandisk Red Sea World of Underwater Images 2007". I put it upside down to reinforce the effect of the reflection.
Cave located in the north of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, in 12 m depth.
Home, sweet home. Anemone fish family captured off Tulamben, Bali.
EOS 5D, 100 mm, ...
Harlequin frogfish. Picture taken near Alor, Indonesia.
CANON EOS 5D, 100 mm, ...
The couple. The bigger one, is the female. Is it possible that the pink for girls and blue for boys comes from these animals?
Bali, Canon EOS 5D
Final RoundThrough to 2007 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice Harlequins Arthur
Yellow gorgonia. Gran Canaria, Canary Islands Spain.
Harlequin shrimp. Hymenocera picta. North of Bali.
Squat lobster on a barrel sponge.
A spiral shaped segment of a whip coral.
EOS5D, 100 mm, ...
Mangroves in front of "our" beach in Pantar.
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2007

Final RoundThrough to 2007 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
The vignette fade makes this one stick out visually from other entries
Anthias from southeastern Indonesia.
EOS5D, 100 mm, ...
Nusa Penida, a small island between Bali and Lombok.
Theese eyes...
Picture taken during a night dive off Padang Bai, Bali.
EOS 5D, 100 mm macro, ...
Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.
D200, 50 mm Sigma, Hartenberger strobe
Bigeye. Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.
Pentax LX with 50 mm macro + teleconverter, Hartenberger strobe
Squid. Taken during a night dive in the northwest of Gran Canaria.
F100 with 90 mm Tamron and Hartenberger strobe
Sleeping together.
Gran Canaria, Nikon F100 with Tamron 90 mm macro and Hartenberger strobe
129 Entries Found: Page 2  of  5