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Week 32 winner

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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Steve Laycock

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Bearded scorpion fish
green turtle waves to me
Peppered morays
Into the mouth of the napoleon
Surgeon fish comes to say helloooooo
Penguin taking a drink from a melting iceberg
red tooth trigger fish
Two colour parrot fish, with nice teeth
Family reunion ?
Blue fin trevally
toothy the trigger
Inquisitive trevally ,
Sunrise - proof that the sun is melting and heating up the sea.
Grren turtle and a bit of colourful coral
Bombs on the Umbria , Sudan
Tuna in the blue - where they look so much better than on a plate
Hawksbill turtle
Welcome on board the Umbria - oneof the best wrecks to dive in the world
Toyota , on the wreck of the Blue Bell. Upholstery is still in tact. This model comes with a free piece of coral in the glove box rather than a radio.
Niall inspects the Toyota, a little concerned that the corrosion warranty has expired -though the chrome is holding up well. Wreck of the Blue Bell, Sudan. Taken wih Olympus E330
3 reasons not to put the camera away before getting in to the zodiac These trevally made this safety stop very interesting. Taken in Sudan with an Olympus E330
This is a moray. Relatively common. Frquently photographed. Always interesting, this guy is quite colourful too
Bigeye trevally - "in the circle" - one of the most exhillirating fish in the sea. Taken in Sudan with an Olympus E330
common dolphin, showing off behind the dive deck
Bumphead Parrotfish, on a cleaning station. Olympus E330 and epoque strobes
Fiat on the wreck of the Umbria - Sudan.
Common dolphins play along side our dive boat
183 Entries Found: Page 3  of  7