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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Steve Laycock

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6 foot pit viper takes a swin in a creek in the Amazon Rainforest and then sticks his tongue out at the camera - how rude :-)
Queen parrotfish - living proof that chomping coral is good for your teeth :-) - and what a diificult shot to get
Guineafowl puffer fish, it realy does have two eyes - that's shutter lag for you. ?Taken at Cousin's Rock, Galapagos, with Olympus E330 nd Epoque srobes
Sealion in Galapagos, resting after playing with scuba divers all day
Final RoundThrough to 2007 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
always an ahhh shot
Bull sea lion in the Galapagos - diving wikth these guys has to be one of the best experiences possible :-)
Marine Iguanas basking in the Galapagos sun
Galapagos sealion with fish, taken whilst snorkling in pea soup. This guy showed off his catch for quite a few minutes, waving the fish right in front of our masks. Olympus e330 and 28mm equiv lens.
Carribean spiny lobster - great view
sea washing up onto sealion pup. Galapagos. Taken with Olympus E330 and 170mm equiv lens.
Cayman and Amazon water spider. Olympus e330 and internal flash.
Taken at night on an Amazon tributary
endemic Galapagos Dorid nudibranch - Tambja mullineri
taken passing by on a drift dive.#my first macro entry.
This scientific name is after the San Diego underwater naturalist and one of the pioneers of micro (macro) photographry David K. Mulliner
an unknown yacht at 30m. olympus e330 and epoque strobes
Big eyed jack - Galapagos
Hammerhead shark, Darwin , Galapagos - set camera, find hollow on rock ledge, hold on tight in current, wait two weeks for the vis to improve and all the fish to move out of the way, hold breath until shark is close enough - hope, smile.
Caribbean reef shark glides over Bamas reef
Galapagos sealion
lionfish bahamas !!!!!!
Grey reef shark, glides overhead. olympus E330 and twin Epoque strobes
Caribbean reef shark, cruising the Bahamas
Cribbean reef shark, cruising the Bahamas
Moray ell, hiding under brain cora. Olympus E330 + epoque 230 strobe
Green turtle. Olympus E330 and Epoque 230ds strobe
Barbados Trunkfish. Olympus E330 and Epoque 230
Lizard fish - see those teeth !
Olympus E330 and epoque 230ds strobe
Green turtle, with friends, Barbados, Olympus E330
Moray eel. Olympus E330 and Epoque 230 strobe
Green turtle :-)
Olympus E 330
183 Entries Found: Page 6  of  7