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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Alex Tattersall

175 Entries Found: Page 3  of  7
Dwarf cuttlefish (1cm long) at Kapalai. E900 plus 2 macros...
Sipadan Gorganian Fan at 30metres... wonder how many pygmies are on that one ... E900 Fish Eye (WA for Fiona)
Coral crab ... E900 man, this crab was twitchy, difficult to get this shot....
Flabolina Exoptata nudi in Mabul.. e900 again.. two macros..
Blenny !! What a cute one...
E900 plus macro..
Canon 400D test run.. smiley face of the fangblenny.... 60mm macro
1st go with a pygmy seahorse... treading on wellworn tracks but still pleased with this shot... Thanks Dave - Seaventures was great !! E900
Greenie... nudi in Malapascua...
Harlequin crab hanging out in his tube anenome... e900
I expect this one will get LOADS of votes so I've emptied my Inbox in anticipation (better?). Green slug thing... focus on the back cos the colurs are amazing..
This is a juvenile red-lipped fingered dragonet from the Philippines. Although I don't expect too many votes for this one as he is not very colourful at 450 pixels.. I urge you fish lovers to have a quick zoom and look at the patterning on his face..
Yellow bumpy slug in Taiwan this weekend !!
Zebra crab on fire urchin... very cute little guy !!
Another fav.. cuttlefish !! e900
This mohican surgeon fish was out to cause trouble... damn punks. If you don't vote for him.. he's gonna come get ya !!! Taken in Yap with IXUS 750...
Bubble anenome shrimp ...
Yellow anenome today in Taiwan !! e900 macrox2
Space jelly... caught some scatter on this but left it in as it looks to me like it's in outerspace... maybe I should lay of the mushrooms smile
If shrimps had passports.. this is what their passport photo would look like... 3xmacros on e900
Extra red nudi in Taiwan today !!
It's Friday !! How about a manicure from a teeny weeny shrimp ? He was living on a bright yellow tube worm you can see in the background. About 7mm long. Cute.
My 100th post !! Wow, time flies.. this is my all-time favourite... a tiny juvenile cuttlefish pretending to be a coral polyp. E900.
Mating Mandarins in Malapascua ! 6 dives and 6 hours waiting, finally got a shot !!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Get a room!
Tiny eeny shrimp flying about on an anenome... about 5mm long.... (tasted like a prawn:)
While I was trying to get a shot of the little yellow and black stripey thing, the two cuttles just barged in to the frame... cuttlefish etiquette ain't what it used to be...
The Smiling Slug - This little guy wouldn't stop smiling at the camera... zoom in.. have a look... you're in for a treat smile
Manta and Starfish combo...
175 Entries Found: Page 3  of  7