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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Alex Tattersall

175 Entries Found: Page 5  of  7
Millions and millions of jellies again in Palau... if you've never been there... go !!
Pink Anenomefish Family seen in Yap
Cute !!
Another crinkley nudi in Taiwan....e900 macros 2xInon strobes
Now this is one juicy nudi...
Snorkling in jellyfish Lake in Palau... millions and millions of (almost) stingless jellies...
Testing testing... this was resized to 450 and saved for web with PS CS2 at maximum resolution.....
Mr Crinkley... Another nudi in Taiwan... E900 and Macros
My lovely wife in the Blue Holes, Palau !! Hope this looks better than the last one smile
Pink anenome fish on his anenome.. love the texture of the anenome...
Palau Blue Corner
Mr Juicy.. Taiwan nudi ... e900 plus macros
How about a friendly little hawkfish. Taiwan.. e900
Love the contrast of this orange fellow with background...Tango nudibranc... Taiwan NE Coast..
Attempt at WA photography !! A gorgonian fan on the Big Drop Off, Palau...
Hubahubahuba... my first yawn !! Taiwan North Coast again ...

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
a well timed behavior shot Alex
Tiny, tiny ultra rare (could be) shrimp barely visible in an anenome in Taiwan.... wow... I'd vote for it :)Haha.. E900... macros
Banded Shrimp macro shot yesterday in Taiwan... E900 plus two INON macro lenses
Ok, so the eye didn't go down so well with the voters... lets try the whole thing .... Octopus Taiwan E900
Spent 30 mins with this cute octopus watching him. He got very friendly and let me get in close to get this eye shot. Zoom in and see the detail...fascinating. Taiwan with E900 and 2x INON macros
Red Sea Reef Shot, beautiful antheas on Elphinstone Reef...
Love watching these tubeworms in the current.. Taiwan..
Something in my Eye !!! Puffy Eye.... Taiwan...
Love the contrast of this lionfish with the blue background... no photoshop on this picture. Yap...
Moody Stonefish reminded me of my mother-in-law smile Taiwan North East Coast.
Eeny weeny fish.. love the colour of his sofa.. Palau...
Flying back from Palau I looked out of the plane window and saw this :0. Didn't feel quite so bad to be leaving...
Tiny bubble shrimp no bigger than a piece of rice !! First try with twin INON macro lenses an e900.
Spotted Moray sniffing about. Again in Taiwan taken with new FUJI e900... 1xINON macro and twin strobes. 1st time with twin strobes... really get in the way don't they smile
175 Entries Found: Page 5  of  7