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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Alex Tattersall

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The watchful eyes of the Octopus in Taiwan, Green Island, IXUS 750..
Ulong island in Palau where some of the Survivor series was filmed... Gorgeous little island although there were rats all over the place :o
Site name is Vertigo on the East side of Yap Island, Micronesia. This is where the dive schools do the shark feed, so there were at least 20 Grey Reef Sharks circling around us waiting for breakfast... Great experience !! IXUS and Epoque WA lens..
Longnose hawkfish at Big Drop Off, Palau... IXUS 750
Look how orange this guy is... frogfish in Taiwan....
Stonefish close-up with E900 in Taiwan...
Lionfish in Taiwan ... Still amazed how much more detail the E900 picks up..
Stripey socks hermit crab with a bit of a depth of field issue ... first day E900 ... in Taiwan
Crocodile Portrait in the Red Sea...
Baby purple stonefish in Taiwan.. first day with FUJI E900... love it... twin INON macro lenses... 1x D2000 strobe
These two whitetips were lying around in Ernie's cave, Puerto Galera, Philippines....
Check out the look in this unicorn's eye. Taken in Ras Mohammed, Egypt.
This small blenny (about 4cm) sat very patiently as the camera moved in... either that or it was too scared to move... Taiwan again, IXUS again
Look into my eyes... hypnotic acid fish in Taiwan. Enhanced by friends at digitaldiver... IXUS 750
Beautiful colours in this Napolean fish which followed us for a whole dive in Palau... IXUS 750.. INON D2000
Another curious little hermit crab found in Taiwan...
Old blue eyes! Tiny hermit crab in Taiwan. These guys often get scooped up, ending up in nightmarkets with a paperclip glued to their backs while small children try to hook them out with a magnet on a rope for fun. Still, who am I to judge, right ??
Thick school of Fusiliers in Palau...
Canon IXUS 750...
Hello... what are you doing down here ? Very curious manta in Yap this year... awesome creatures...
Pipefish hanging out in pipefish city, Yap...IXUS 750
Small white frogfish hanging out in Puerto Galera, Philippines. Olympus mju400 last year...
Eagle Ray hanging out in the current at Palau's Blue Corner.. IXUS 750
Baby Lionfish.... very cute.... Taiwan North East coast... IXUS750 and macro lens...
Schooling Great Barracuda in Palau...
IXUS 750
Big Eye bewilderment in Palau, IXUS 750, INON D2000
Another juicy Nudi found in Yap.. IXUS 750, Macro, INON D2000
Nudi spotted off Taiwan's North Coast last weekend.. got Fuji e900 through now !! Looking forward to some macro fun.
175 Entries Found: Page 6  of  7