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Week 20 winner

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by Tommy Harivaldo

a frogfish with a nudibranch, together side by side. even different species, but they need each others. just like us.

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by Margriet Tilstra

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Glenn Ian Villanueva (2nd place)
Magali Marquez (3rd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Kip Nead

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This was the first shot of the day and really was to just check my settings, but it turned out to be the best shot I got all day.
Came up a over the top of a wall and these two were just sitting there posing.
Found this orangutan crab on an anenome in a ripping current, but hunkered down and got the shot.
Male northern elephant seals fighting for dominance at the San Simeon rookery.
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From a trip to Tubbataha last summer, the first time I ever shot wide angle. It was a steep learning curve but by the end of the trip I got a few photos that I'm very happy with including this one.
Had to cram my head and camera into a crevice without getting stuck on a bunch of urchins behind my head to get this orangutan crab on some bubble coral, but I got the shot.
I got a lot of really nice nudibranch shots on a recent trip to Anilao, Philippines, but this one is my favorite because with the background and lighting it almost seems like a studio shot. Shot with a D200 with a single YS90 strobe.
Tag, you're it! A pair of imperial nudibranchs shot in Hawaii.
Divers heading back up the line from the Mahi wreck, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii. D200 w Sea & Sea Housing.
Imperial Nudibranch. From our recent Hawaii trip. Nikon D200, Sea & Sea housing, YS-90 strobe
A Rainbow nudi on the prowl!
I finally had a chance to get close enough to a couple otters for some decent shots! This one hung out for about 20 minutes and let me shoot away while he (she?) fished and ate.
My favorite Zebra Lionfish shot. No special effects here, all the colors are as shot. The sponge that this was next to really was that color when lit by the strobe. Canon SD550 w/ Fantasea Nano strobe
After about 20 tries I finally got the exposure right, but from such a distance that I had to crop significantly and lost sharpness. I'll try again next trip. Canon SD550.
I love the little guy tucked under the tail of the big one. Canon SD550 w/ Fantasea Nano strobe
Gimme a Kiss! Canon SD550 on last summer's trip to Bali.
Caught this juvenile Batfish in about 10 ft of water on the Japanese wreck in Lipah Bay, Bali. Canon SD550
A rare day at Point Pinos south of Monterey. Notoriously strong currents and big swell make this site undiveable except for a couple days a year. This was my first dive with a camera. Canon SD550
This guy just looked so comfortable, lounging in Bali. Canon SD550
A little vignetting added in Lightroom to help with contrast. Got this shot in Bali last summer. Last trip with Canon SD550 before moving up to a DSLR.
Just jumped off the boat, got ready to descend, and there it was just a few feet away. Great way to start a dive. Nikon D200, Sea & Sea housing, with YS-90 strobe
This comb jelly conveniently drifted by during a safety stop at one of our dives off Anacapa Island. Nikon D200, Sea & Sea Housing, YS-90 Strobe.
The great leap! This Sea Hare seemed very optimistic about this jump. Anacapa Island, CA. D200, Sea & Sea housing with YS-90 strobe.
Northern Elephant Seals at San Simeon, CA. Nikon D200
This Ratfish gave me a flyby off Santa Cruz Island at only @60ft, fairly shallow for them. Nikon D200, Sea & Sea housing, YS-90 strobe.
Show me your fins. I caught this Garibaldi at Santa Cruz Island on a boat trip over New Years. Nikon D200, Sea & Sea housing, YS-90 Strobe
Spanish Shawl- I try to find nudis in unusual positions because so often the only choice is to shoot them flat. From a Northern Channel Islands New Year's trip. Nikon D200 in a Sea & Sea housing, YS-90 strobe, w/ UK Light Cannon as focus light.
54 Entries Found: Page 2  of  2