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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Melita Bubek

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La Sireneta ...(my little cousin Tea enjoyed the Sea)
cuttlefish // C5060WZ ISO 100, 1/160s, f/7,1 , macro lens // Sistiana, May,08
red scorpaena porcus// 1/125s, f/4,5, Oly C5060WZ, macro filter // Krk, May 2008
Janolus cristatus, very rare slug, 3cm // f6,3, 1/100s // May,08 / Island Plavnik , Croatia
Trapania maculata, 1,5cm slug, depth 8 m /Fiesa, Slovenia
Love circle made by five sea hares (Aplysia punctata)/ May08/ Fiesa, Slovenia
Jellyfish /c5060wz/ Fiesa, Slovenia
sea-urchin / f7,1 1/50s / Fiesa, April08
cloud of jellyfishes / no strobe / Fiesa, Slovenia/ april 08
the sea slug, Dendrodoris limbata, the most common on this area now / Sistiana near Trieste
Seahorse/ Fiesa, Slovenia/ April 08
threefin red blenny Tripterygion melanurus/ c5060wz / no strobe
Pipefish / Sistiana near Trieste
Seahorse/ Sistiana near Trieste
Flabellina Affinis
Run baby, run!
Big Brother
ups, sorry for disturb you, dorises
Rush Hour... (wreck dive/island sernaka/egypt)
No colours?*s not difficult imagine it.
clownfish with anemone: it's normal relationship...but this was a first time, that I found it in red anemone. nice contrast!
little (2 cm) nudibranch hypselodoris tricolor, oly c5060wz
little seahorse (hippocampus ramulosus) in seasalat, izola, slovenia
the fairy tale of wreck tihany, island unije, croatia
"nipel" - Phyllidia flava
116 Entries Found: Page 4  of  5