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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Marco Faimali (ismar-Cnr)

167 Entries Found: Page 4  of  7
Low tide in Madagascar (HDR)
I need protection....
HDR of Leaf Scorpionfish
Fisherman's breack (in HDR)
Commensal Shrimp
(Persian carpet flatworms - Pseudobiceros bedfordi)
The sea slug Discodoris atromaculata an endemic (exclusive) Mediterranean species known in Italy as "Vacchetta di mare" (marine Cow). It is generally found laying on the sponge Petrosia ficiformis of which it preys exclusively.
A new regulator model: the jelly-regulator!!!
Moonfish in the net...B/W....(Mola mola)
Moonfish in the net.....(Mola mola)
Mediterranean blenny...(Parablennius gattoruggine)
On the door of my sponge-house.....
Mediterranean rainbow wrasse (Coris julis)
Marine chain....
dichotomic behaviour (Dictyota dicotoma)
Underwater roof-garden (Parazoanthus axinellae)
Large Scaled Scorpionfish portrait (Scorpaena scrofa)
Mediterranean blenny (Parablennius gattoruggine)
Mediterranean sunset cup coral (Leptopsammia pruvoti)
Attack is the best form of defence.........(Mediterranean morey - Muraena helena)
Mediterranean red-coral (Corallium rubrum)
Mediterranean blenny......
Close-up portrait of juvenile horned boxfish (Lactoria cornuta)
Acrobatics on elephant ear sponge....
(Persian carpet flatworms - Pseudobiceros bedfordi)
The pink keeper.....
167 Entries Found: Page 4  of  7