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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Blaza Jovanovic

31 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2
A diver and pen shells
The wreck of Mytilini
A very tiny flabellina on sponge with that kind of "2001: A Space Odyssey" feel
This deep space alien object is the photo of a jellyfish which suffered extensive back scatter
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2011

Final RoundThrough to 2011 awards final round judging
The light
An abandoned line with couple of floats and sea overgrowth turned out interesting
The passage
Diving on Zenobia
Maybe not that flashy as its tropical cousins, but still a cute one: Mediterranean nudi smile
(Canon 720is & UCL165 lens + Inon Z240)
A green turtle on Marsa Abu Dabab diving site; tokina 10-17
A group of divers on the jetty of Marsa Shagra Eco Village; nikon d80, tokina 10-17
Clown fishes, anemone and divers at Fury Shoals; Nikon D80, Tokina 10-17, two DS 125
Soft coral and fishy fishes on the one of Wadi Lahami reefs; Nikon D80, Tokina 10-17, twin DS-125
A reef scene... Nikon D80, Tokina 10-17mm & 2 x Ikelite DS125 strobes
A porcupine fish on the Marsa Abu Dabbab field of sea grass; Canon 720is, red filter & a bit of cropping
Very hydrodynamic – a cornetfish in the night; Canon 720is & 2 x Inon z240
The Red Sea anemonefish; Canon 720is & Inon Z240 x 2
A parrotfish resting during the evening hours; Canon 720is & Inon Z240
Could this be an underwater Xmas tree? No sharks on that day on the Elphinstone; canon 720is + duo Inon Z240
A coral grouper on Marsa Shagra Village house reef, Egypt; Canon 720is & Inon Z240
A common Red Sea bigeye on Marsa Shagra House reef, Egypt; Canon 720is & Inon Z240
Shot taken during a dive with Eurodivers on the wreck of unfortunate Express Samina ferry, which sank in 2000 after hitting the rocky islet ("The Gates") near the coast of Paros island, Greece; Canon 720is no strobes
Lunch time! Shaab Abu Dabbab offshore reef, Egypt; Canon 720is & two Inon Z240
Yellow dance - masked butterfly fishes during a dive at Shaab Samadai location, Egypt; canon 720is & two Inon Z240
Igor - the best diver I know, and a turtle in Abu Dabbab, Egypt; Canon 720is with 2 x Inon Z240
Loggerhead sea turtle in waters of Zakynthos, Greece; canon 720is. Turtles on Zakynthos nest on some beaches along the Southeast island coast and are protected by the law - therefore a red identification tag on the rear turtle’s leg.
Out of the night; taken on the house reef in Marsa Shagra canon 720is, twin Inon Z240
31 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2