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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Patricia Sinclair

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This little one seemed hopeful that a meal would pass by.
The contrast between the Flamingo Tongue snail and the black sea rod attracted me, and the result is an almost luminous snail on the rod.
This crab moved into the gorgonian to avoid being photographed, so I moved under it and quite like the result.
This last December I went to Anilao, Philippines. Sometimes the image you dream of is not what you get, but instead you get something a bit better.
I love the contrast in the colors between the yellow eggs and the purple/lilac of the nudi
Tomato Anemonefish - as close as I could get without upsetting her.
There is a lot of color on the Orange Canyon dive site, it is just a matter of lighting it to show to best advantage.
When I took this image, I wanted to make it look like a ghost appearing from the mist as I approached.
Spinyhead blenny was almost as curious about my lens as I was about him.
Diving on the Kittiwake, I wanted to show a large portion of the bow, and how it fades off into the distance
Reef shark coming in to say "Hello, how are you?"
Wait - what is that over there?
She almost was rolling her eyes, I have no idea what she saw,
Lemon shark coming in
Beautiful Tiger Shark with a rope scar on the base of her tail
Large Lemon shark on the evening dive, the remoras were really huge too!
Reef shark going over me with the sun ball right behind it.
The Lady and the Tiger
Working on using a diopter while in a macro workshop, I came across this nudi and tried to do justice to how beautiful it was.
While in Anilao, I decided to shoot a tunicate and play with light. This is a clear tunicate with the strobe light just barely touching it, making it look pale blue.
I was experimenting with wider apertures and the CMC and got this shot. I decided it worked for me.
I spent a bit of time trying to get this "face" shot of this rather small ornate ghost pipefish. I was happy with the result of the time spent.
I came across this neon goby sitting out in the bright sunlight and decided to make him look like he might be floating on a cloud, rather than sitting on hard coral.
:Wistful" A Rough-head Blenny - this guy was in the brilliant sunlight. I waited until a diver passed behind the coral giving me some shadow and took this shot.
This little goldentail eel was quite curious once he got past his initial shock at the bubble monster in his face.
Fireworm, raised his head in his travels across the algae field just as I took the shot.
When your strobes fail at 58fsw, make the best of your situation and convert to B&W. This turtle was checking out his reflection in my dome port.
166 Entries Found: Page 3  of  7