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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Wayne Jones

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Doto ussi pair with eggs on small thin hydroid
Small Saw-blade Shrimp photographed in portrait.
White false-Stonefish with contrast lighting
A 'sexy' look for Thor amboinensis with a shallow DOF
Small Nudibranch - Trinchesia sp. - photographed on white hydroid 'leaf'.
"Bumble Bee Shrimp with Urchin"
Small anemone shrimp snooted for effect
"Shrimp in the Shallow depth"
Nudibranch -Hypselodoris bollandi
Not the best for my 100mmL, need to be to far away. But with time this photograph was the best I could manage.
"The 'Jungle' Home of Doto"
Oslob Whale shark...
Near Dauin, Philippines, one of many varieties of frogfish found there.
Small white frogfish, snoot used for effect.
"At Home Alone"
Commensal anemone shrimp.
Night dive Anilao Pier.
"A Whale Sharks Tail"
Saw blade @ 24m
"Moody White Frogfish"
Mouth brooding Cardinal
Much patiences waiting for composition and open mouth to coincide.
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Great symmetrical portrait. Love these face-offs.
"Porcelain Crab in Rose Garden"
Stacked +10 and +5 wet diopters used in conjunction with snoot to create this photo.
Eubranchus sp. on hydroid tip
Nembrotha lineolata laying egg
Yellow Goby
"Nudibranch on Hydroid" Eubranchus sp.
Yellow Goby's backlit bottle home.
Canon 5Diii in Aquatica
2* S&S 250pro
100mmL with Aquatica +10 wet diopter
Squat Shrimp Garden
Canon 5Diii in Aquatica with 100mmL and Aquatica +10 wet diopter.
S&S 250 pro with reefnet snoot
"Squat Shrimp Portrait"
Canon 5Diii in Aquatica
250pro with snoot
1/200 f25 iso200
Very Small Nudi
Nembrotha yonowae
220 Entries Found: Page 8  of  9