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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

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Diver and elephant ear sponge. I like this version with the legs apart. For me, the split legs add a sort of whimsy to the photo, like the diver is in flight. Plus, rules are made to be broken. wink
"Spring Cleaning!"
A banded jawfish expels sand from its mouth as it clears out a new burrow. It will take the jawfish up to eight hours to create the home.
"Swoop!" - A hawksbill turtle nearly high fives the camera as it swoops past on the north wall of Grand Cayman.
"Hide & Seek" - No Photoshop, I had the strobe positioned to create shadow, thus showing only the face of the filefish. I was lucky to find this one pecking away at a purple gorgonian, providing a nice contrasting color.
I found this beautiful giant anemone on a shallow reef. It's a particularly gorgeous specimen for Grand Cayman. I waited for a diver to be in the right position, then clicked the shutter.
"Reef Art" - No Photoshop. Photographed using a slow shutter speed while sweeping across the reef. I used the surge to push me along.
"Submariner" - Yellow spnges frame an imposing barracuda. I was going for a strong graphic image, so dialed up the shutter speed for contrast and to increase the silhouette of the barracuda and ledge it was under.
"Sunlit Dive"
A diver is in motion as he giant strides off the back of a boat into sunlit water. The safety regulator and hang line can be seen in the water below.
"Colorful Reef Scene"
Babylon, East End, Grand Cayman
Canon 40D in Sea&Sea housing
Tokina 10-17mm lens
ISO 250, f/11, 1/125th
Sweet old loggerhead turtle taking a leisurely swim past us on a wall in Grand Cayman.
Oro Verde shipwreck
Grand Cayman
Canon 40D in Sea & Sea housing
Ambient light
ISO 320, f/11 1/100th
Trumpetfish "hiding" on a colorful reef
"You Can't See Me..."
Not a photo in the water, but rather, of the water. The crystal clear Cayman water I call home. Where I dive and explore and photograph magical things. It laps at the shore, calling me in. The water here is mesmerizing.
Commander Of The USS Kittiwake!
School children peer out the windows of a glass-bottom boat as Bermuda chub swim past. The kids were so excited to see us diving and waving to them!
I photographed what is traditionally a macro subject using wide-angle for a different look. A single Christmas tree worm is illuminated atop star coral. I used a high SS to make the water dark blue, increasing contrast between xmas worm &background
A stingray glides over sand in shallow water. Stingray Sandbar, Grand Cayman
One of the beautiful wild turtles that live inside the barrier reef at Spotts Beach!
"Layers" - A sharknose goby draws the eye into the corner of this underwater abstract of a brightly-colored sponge and hard corals. I sought to make a strong graphic image, the angles and black negative space as important as the layers and colors.
Schooling grunts race under the salt pier in Bonaire! I lay on my back looking up and framed the salt pier in silhouette. The grunts had been hanging around, and once I had my composition, I waited for them to enter the scene.
"Siphon On Dark Blue"
A Caribbean reef squid dances in front of the camera.
"Delicate Seahorse"
Roatan, Honduras
Sharks are the bomb diggity! A reef shark glides over a colorful reef on the east side of Grand Cayman
A tiny slender filefish hides in a gorgonian--no crop. I spent my entire dive actively searching for a slender filefish. I was all the way to the next dive site when I finally found this one.
A baby nurse shark tucked inside a colorful overhang. This little cutie was only about a foot long! It was so inspiring to see this early stage of life on the reef.
Fluorescing secretary blenny!
I used a very shallow depth of field, enabling me to focus solely on the blenny and let the coral blur out of focus. To capture the fluorescence I used Nightsea filters.
"Psychedelic Golden Tail"
I had fluorescence filters on my strobes. The eel didn't fluoresce, so I took off the bluish-purple fluoro filters. As I was composing this shot, one of the filters swung in front of a strobe, giving this psychedelic light.
302 Entries Found: Page 8  of  12