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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

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Fluorescence! A goby glows brightly on brain coral. I shot this using Nightsea filters: the fluorescence is excited by the blue light emitted through my strobes and then recorded through the Nightsea filter over my macro port.
A transitioning French Angelfish races across a coral reef. I photographed this scene with a slow-shutter speed while panning. This enabled me to show the speed while freezing the fish in action.
"Just right!"
A cryptic teardrop crab peers out from the end of a tube sponge that's a perfect fit.
Night Octopus! I came across this octopus on a night dive. It slid up against a wall of coral and spread itself wide. It changed colors and textures repeatedly while I took this photograph.
The stern of the shipwreck Hilma Hooker is covered in colorful tube sponges and coral. A diver with video lights explores near the giant prop.
"Hi! I'm really cute!"
A blenny peeks out from its home in a reef in Bonaire.
A French Angelfish is framed by a red sponge as it pushes its face in deep to take another bite.
This photo is best viewed enlarged to see detail: a diver enters the galley of the Kittiwake shipwreck, Grand Cayman. Metal tables that are rusting away are seen in the foreground.
"This Is Why I Live Here!"
A stingray is seen through the surface of a breaking wave, as the wave washes into my dome port.
A tiny cryptic teardrop crab inside its cotton candy house! That's actually a purple vase sponge that I lit from the side, to create glow and show off the remarkable color of the sponge.
Silversides being hunted by tarpon inside a swim-through. I used a slow shutter speed 1/4 sec to show the movement of the silversides.
The North Wall of Grand Cayman is spectacular! At depth, everything loses color and these sponges appeared a muted greyish-pink. I knew they had to be more colorful. A burst from my strobes revealed the stunning, bright purple.
During a shark dive in Roatan, the sharks were cruising down below. I kept an eye out above me, looking for a different shot. I love the way the movement of the shark's body curves around the sun.
The USS-Kittiwake is one of my favorite dives. Every time I descend on it, the variety of light, sealife, conditions... inspire a photo!
3rd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
Adorable roughhead blenny!
I used f/2.8 to focus on just the blenny's eyes and cirri (horns), making them pop against the background.
Rippled sunlight shimmers on a stingray. Photographed on a wavy day at Stingray Sandbar.
The seahorses of Roatan are stunning!
Bright orange seahorse hiding in a gorgonian.
Coral polyps at night. I floated down below the coral and shot upward, one strobe angled from the side to provide texture and illuminate the back tentacles, and the other strobe giving a touch of fill light. These are the actual colors of the coral.
"Interaction" - Caribbean reef shark and diver
Three beautiful, strong, sleek reef sharks spent the entire dive with us, circling. On a couple of occasions I was able to swim hard and get even closer. What a stunning animal!
"Two Heads Are Better Than One!"- I found a coral head with a green moray face sticking out one side, and a super long tail winding out the other. Confident it wasn't a record-size eel, I waited a long while.My patience was rewarded with this image.
Jellyfish Abstract
I photographed facing up toward the top of the water to include the rippling water, and use the soft, overcast surface light to illuminate the jellyfish. I love how the jellyfish are reminiscent of both ameobas and flowers.
Caribbean Reef Squid
This is the actual color! The squid was changing color as it swam forward and back, checking me out. It was moving up and down through the water column as well, enabling me to get this angle.
Fluorescence! This is so exciting! Using Nightsea filters to photograph, I discovered that the eyes of a banded coral shrimp fluoresce a vibrant green. I used a small aperture to focus only on the eyes. The coral it's on also fluoresced.
While swimming out for a shore dive at sunset, I asked my friend to pose for me. I balanced one strobe on top of my head to give her face fill light, and placed the other strobe under the water to illuminate her tank and octo.
"Starry Starry Day"
Starfish Point, Grand Cayman
The star effect from the sun, and reflected on the water, was achieved by shooting with a small aperture, not Photoshop.
"Eye Of The Squid"
No crop
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2015

Final RoundThrough to 2015 awards final round judging
302 Entries Found: Page 9  of  12