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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

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Best viewed enlarged to see the full scene. I framed the flamingo tongue close to the dome and used one strobe to light it, then lit the reef in the background with the other strobe.
Caribbean reef shark on Grand Cayman.
"Bit Off More Than You Can Chew"
A grouper struggles with the still-breathing large fish crammed into its mouth.
Diver & Sponge
Final RoundThrough to 2015 awards final round judging
Light filters onto a diver as he emerges from a swim through
"Illumination" - There are lots of beautiful swim throughs in Cayman, but I wanted to photograph more than just blue light coming through the back. When I came upon this conch shell in one of the swim throughs, I saw the photo I'd been waiting for.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Excellent use of spot lighting.
"Stingray Sunrise"
"The Beehive"
A sponge hangs out from a steep wall as divers pass overhead. If you look closely, you can see an arrow crab peeking out over the edge of the sponge.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
That's a great shot. Nice work on the composition here. Underexposing the background was the key to this image.
Drunk Secretary Blenny Telling A Joke: "And thheen I said..."
"Just Beneath The Surface" Light rays stream down onto the Ex-USS Kittiwake from the surface, visible just above. Photographed using an extension ring with my wide-angle port for forced vignetting.
"Just Passing Through"
"Iguana In The Coral Garden"--Finally got a full-length fluorescent dive here on Grand Cayman! This bearded fireworm crawling across coral makes me think of an iguana in a garden. Photographed with a Nightsea fluorescent kit.
My second time ever photographing sharks and I can't wait to do it again! I positioned myself low on the reef to shoot up against the blue with color in the foreground.
"I always feel like...somebody's watchin' me...!"
"Ghost Ship"
Used a port extension ring with my fisheye dome and 10-17mm lens to give a forced vingnette.
Reminiscent of a ghostly passenger ship sailing through thick fog, the Ex-USS Kittiwake materializes in early-morning light.
A diver peers out of a swarm of silversides in a swim through.
I found this tiny banded coral shrimp on the Oro Verde shipwreck. To photograph it, I framed it within the piece of twisted metal hull where it was hiding. Shot with f/3.5 to focus on the body and blur the antennae.
"Eyes On The Prize" - A tarpon eyes its prey of silversides in a swim-through.
"The Omegas & The Alpha" - Sunlight penetrates a hole in a swim-through, leading down to where silversides give a tarpon a wide berth.
"The Professor"
"The Cathedral" - A tarpon appears to ascend toward a hole in the ceiling of the swim-through as silversides split around it.
Silversides rush around a jack hunting them in a swim-through.
Trying for a little something different with a slow-exposure and strobe to capture movement.
"Neptune's Craters"
"Why So Grumpy?"
When I first spotted this tobacco wrasse it had a tiny fish in its mouth. I followed it, planning to photograph the behavior. By the time I got off a shot, the meal was gone, and I was given THIS look. ; )
"Tiny Dancer"
A yellow headed jawfish hovers outside of its burrow.
"Manatee On The Moon"
While photographing manatees, rain started pouring down: big thick drops plopping onto the surface and denting the water. I suspected the texture would make an interesting photograph.
302 Entries Found: Page 11  of  12