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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Cumhur Gedikoglu

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Protula tubularia
Tripterygion delaisi
ATTENTION. The fish was pay attention to my camera.
Eye of the Dardanus calidus
CEYLIN'S CHOICE.Ceylin is my daughter who she is 10 years old and today is her birthday and this photo is her choice.
Dardanus calidus
Under the jetty from Korumar Bay.
Gills of Felimare picta
Magic Tulip.Back lighted the gills of Felimare picta.
Octopus vulgaris
Spaceship from Korumar Bay
Parablennius gattorugine with Hypselodoris elegans
House holders.I took this photo with my first Sea and sea motor marine II EX camera.
Cratena peregrina
Beauty from jetty in Korumar Bay.
Phalium granulatum
Excavator from Korumar Bay in KUSADASI
Hippocampus guttulatus
Are you still follow me?
Balistes capriscus
While it`s escaping it was keep an eye on my camera.
Diopatra neapolitana
Alien which give bioluminescent signals.
Uranoscopus scaber
Astonished Face
Pleurobranchus testudinarius
Violet Illumination
Hippocampus guttulatus
The power of "AURA" from seahorse
Parablennius marmoreus
BUBBLE COUNTER, Seaweed blenny
Tylodina perversa
Octopus vulgaris eye
Friendly Looking
Hermodice carunculata
Bubble Catcher fire worm
Runner Up Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Stunning shot of a very special creature, love the detail on the bubbles
Cratena peregrina
Body check is OK.
Octopus vulgaris
Bispira mariae
Still Life from underwater by Korumar Bay
Hermodice carunculata
Queen Fire Worm
Hippocampus guttulatus
It was under the jetty like a Bay Watcher.
Tripterygion melanurus
Curious Looking
Reflection from fire worm by Korumar Bay
HAND MADE Photo Workshop from Korumar Bay.
578 Entries Found: Page 21  of  22