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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Mario Robillard

84 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4
The beauty of an anemone seen by me
Isopods are not insects but crustaceans. They are relatives of insects however, with their jointed legs and exoskeleton. Actually they are more closely related to shrimp, crayfish and crabs.
strike the pose
The Sea Clown Nudibranch (Triopha catalinae) is one of the most vividly colored nudibranch that can be found here in BC, Canada.
Tiny little devil (Skeleton Shrimp)
Thru my lens....should say... pipe ;-)
Lips job required
Only a face a mother could love
Not so small Nudi
Tiny little fish face
Juvenile Puget Sound King Crab, so tiny and so beautiful
Red carpet
Catch me if you can
Underwater ballerina
Thru my eye
Close Encounter
Keep growing
Ready to hatch for Christmas
Nudi laying eggs
New generation is coming
Clown Nudibranch Art
Another point of view
And life goes on
I'm watching you
Center of the underwater universe
Mantis shrimp under the snoot
Fresh married couple
84 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4