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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Erika Antoniazzo

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This sandperch had some major difficulties swallowing this filefish. With its file sticking up it just wouldn't go in. The sandperch kept spitting it out hitting it against a rock to try and turn it around. In the end he managed, but it took a while.
Starfish in Maratua.
Cuttlefish in the sun.
Rainbow Runners swimming in the sun above me.
Colourful sponges growing on the roots of the mangrove trees in lake Kakaban.
Speeding away.
Baby turtle swimming away from the beach after it's been released at dusk.
Mirror image of a needle fish among the colourful, sponge covered, roots and branches of some mangrove trees in Kakaban jellyfish lake.
This curious green turtle came to have a closer look at my domeport smile
Mating green turtles
Cuttlefish taking to the sunshine
Shrimp in a banded mushroom coral.
Starfish on the reef
Manta Ray disappearing in the distance above.
Startled turtle
Sponges growing on overhanging mangrove branches reflected at the surface
Divers during a safety stop
Space ship.
I don't know why he' doing this, but it looks great. If anyone knows what this behaviour means please tell me.
Manta Ray diving below the surface as I try to approach real slow and careful.
I call this a tomato shrimp smile
My friend watching a cuttlefish laying eggs on the reef
Broadclub cuttlefish in the sun.
I love my little nest.
Anemone close-up
Coral reef in front of the jetty of Kakaban island on a lucky day smile
Non stinging Jellyfish in lake Kakaban. Taken while snorkling. I had a wetsuit but no weightbelt so I had to keep kicking down to take this photo smile
Schooling fish under my hut on Darawan island, Borneo, Indonesia

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173 Entries Found: Page 3  of  7