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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Erika Antoniazzo

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Baby turtle on the beach trying to crawl out of its egg.
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2008

Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging
Baby turtle just released at sunset, carried away by a wave. Sangalaki, Indonesia. Nikon D200 with 10.5mm lens and 2 Inon strobes under water.
Sponges growing on the overhanging branches of the mangrove trees at lake Kakaban in Indonesia.
Barracudas at Kakaban island, Borneo, Indonesia
Green turtle munching on the seagrass of Derawan island
Pufferfish among the seagrass at a jetty of Derawan island. Picture taken while snorkling at low tide in about 30cm of water.
Seagrass pipefish with eggs under its belly. Picture taken while snorkling in 30cm of water at one of the jetties in Derawan island. I used a Canon EOS 350D with 70mm lens in an Ikelite housing with 2x 125 strobes
Sponges growing on the overhanging branches of the trees in the jellyfish lake of Kakaban island. I used a 10.5mm lens on a Nikon D200 camera with both my Inon strobes underwater on the side of the housing to get this shot.
Pier pillars at Dauin, Philippines
Big Nurseshark having a snooze. Koh Lipe, Thailand
Sorry, don't know why this uploaded twice....I tried to delete it, but don't know how.
Eye see eye see...
Young student of mine having fun under water.
Diver looking coral.
Green turtle enjoying his food.
Gorgonians on pier pillars in Dauin, Dumaguete.
Jelly colours. I took this picture during a safety stop. It was hard to get the camera to focus, but well worth the effort. I love those jellyfish.
Xeno crab face. Nikon D200, 105 lens with extension tube, manually focused.
Stay away from my bag!
This octopus just kept playing with this plastic bag. I watched him for 15 min and he still kept going. He must have loved that bag!
Face to face. Nudi and cowrie shell together on their favourite food source.
Hippocampus at Lembeh. Beautiful little fellow.
Hippocampus at Lembeh. Beautiful little fellow.
Little allied cowrie shell face. I never knew they had such a nice face until I took this picture.
Seahorse at Perhentian island, Malaysia.
Detail of the Union Star, Perhentian, Malaysia.
I see, I see....
I darkened the background by using a small aperture and when some of the ugly seagrass still showed up in the picture, I took that out in photoshop.
These tiny shrimp live on black coral and are hard to spot. When you try to take a picture they just keep moving around the coral so it's hard to get a good shot. I quite like this one.
Tame sea eagle hiding in the shade of a beach umbrella.
173 Entries Found: Page 4  of  7