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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Brazil

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Green turtle at Cordilheiras Dive Point. Fernando de Noronha's Island. Brazil.
Young surfer at Cacimba do Padre's beach. Fernando de Noronha's Island.
Cave Diver in Poço Azul - chapada Diamantina Brazil.
American diver at Ilha da Rata at Fernando de Noronha´s Island.
Fernando de Noronha´s Island Landscape. This are called "Two Brothers".
Scuba dive at Tamandaré´s Beach Coast. Pernambuco, Brazil.
Boca da Barra`s scuba dive local at Porto de Galinhas` beach. State of Pernambuco seacost. Brazil. Takem with a canon eos 20d and lens 18-55.
Terral na praia de Maracaípe. Litoral de Pernambuco. Brasil. Terrals at Maracaípe´s beach. Litoral of Pernambuco. Brazil.
Natural pools at Porto de Galinhas`s Beach. Canon eos 20d. F8 vel 250 iso 100.
diver and the speleothemes in bonito - MS Brazil
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
We should see more caving shots entered. They are quite dramatic Rodrigo
The reflex of the diver in the bubbles.
Pés de Pato. Taken at Porto de Galinhas, litoral of Pernambuco state in dive local called Boca da Barra near the tourism city of Porto de Galinhas. Taken with a canon eos 20d with 18-55 lens. It was a scuba diving above 10 meters under .
local bird name is Atobá, and was shot in a surfae interval in a beach in Fernando de Noronha. The bird is an active marine predator.
Bubbles during a safaty stop! Got focus on my gloves and tried to capture "the bubble". Taken at Ceará, NE Brazil, at Risca do Meio Marine Park

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A nice abstract in blue
Hermit crab
Taken in a tide poll at Santa Catarina State, south Brazil.
Nikonos V, extension tube 1:1
Stingray eye.
Canon 300D, Sea&Sea Housing, YS90
Nurse Shark Hunting
When nurse sharks hunt on sandy bottoms many other reef fish follow them to feed on uncovered preys.
Canon 300D, Sea&Sea Housing, two strobes
Sea Horse
Canon 300D, macro 50mm, Sea&sea Housing and YS90
Red dot
I spent some time waiting for the fish go to the right place.
Canon 300D, 17-40mm Two strobes (YS90 + Ikelite 50).
Diving above water!
A funny snapshot! How the weather changes quickly!
Canon Powershot A80 and housing
Nikonos V, Ikelite 50, Extension tube
Hawksbill turtle at night.
Taken with Nikonos V, Ikelite SB50, 35mm, extension tube.
Stegastes rocasensis.
This one is hard to photograph... It keeps moving all the time!
Canon 300d, 50mm, sea&sea housing, YS90
Sun coral
This coral is native from de Indo-Pacific and is an invasive species in the South Atlantic. Now it is commonly found off the Rio de Janeiro coast.
Canon eos 300d, sea&sea housing, 50mm
Neon Goby.
At Ilha Grande, South Brazil, the neon gobies, wich is a active cleaner species, usually wait is client fishes over black ascidians.
Hermit crab.
Photographed in a tide poll on South Brazil.
Nikonos V, extension tube 1:1, Ikelite sb 50
Cornet fish eyes (Fistularia tabacaria)
Taken at night with a Nikonos V and extension tube.
239 Entries Found: Page 8  of  9

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