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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Ecuador

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sea washing up onto sealion pup. Galapagos. Taken with Olympus E330 and 170mm equiv lens.
Cayman and Amazon water spider. Olympus e330 and internal flash.
Taken at night on an Amazon tributary
endemic Galapagos Dorid nudibranch - Tambja mullineri
taken passing by on a drift dive.#my first macro entry.
This scientific name is after the San Diego underwater naturalist and one of the pioneers of micro (macro) photographry David K. Mulliner
Big eyed jack - Galapagos
Hammerhead shark, Darwin , Galapagos - set camera, find hollow on rock ledge, hold on tight in current, wait two weeks for the vis to improve and all the fish to move out of the way, hold breath until shark is close enough - hope, smile.
Galapagos sealion
Huge male Marine Iguana sunning himself on rocks in the Galapagos

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Don't forget topside, Chris didn't

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A nice abstract from Chris
Friendly Penguin
darwin arch galapagos
galapagos sea iguana
found in Galapagos
Sea Lion in Galapagos Islands taken in July '06 with Nikon D70 AND 70-300 zoom.
Eagle Ray gliding over head in Galapagos ~ Nikon D70
~ Dancing Sea Lions ~
School of Barber fish gathered waiting for hammerheads to arrive for cleaning. Taken with an Olympus 5050 off Darwin Island in the Galapagos Islands in August 2006.
School of Hammerheads taken aboard the Galapagos Aggressor in August 2006. Shot with natural light with an Olympus 5050 in a Lights and Motion housing at about 40 feet.
Silky Shark off Darwin's Arch in Galapagos....wide angle shot in shuttle speed ~ Nikon D70
Playful Sea Lion!
galapagos marine iguana
Marine Iguanas. Galapagos, 2005.
A different view. Galapagos 2006.
The best man! Galapagos 2006.
Getting a bit close! Galapagos 2006.
You talking to me? Hammer head Shark, eye balling me, taken with Nikon D70 in Galapagos off Darwin's Arch!
Bloodsuckers breeding in the mangroves. Isabella, Galapagos, 2006.
586 Entries Found: Page 19  of  22

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