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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Papua New Guinea (11)

Underwater photo contest

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Papua New Guinea

699 Entries Found: Page 11  of  26
Anemone Crab
23 Votes
19 Votes
Night dive, at the end of a dive, in the stern lights
31 Votes
The Panda Clownfish is the most fierce when it comes to protecting it's home. I've had one draw blood from my knuckles when I got too close. Small fish with a big fish attitude!
25 Votes
Curious Grey Angelfish
17 Votes
Blue Eyes
13 Votes
Just go with the flow...
20 Votes
27 Votes
At first, when I took the shot, I thought the two shrimp were cleaning the parrotfish, but zooming in on the pic, it looks more like the shrimp on the right was eating the one on the left because the head & eyes are missing! Is this possible?
18 Votes
Valentines Day for Nudi's, I guess. Saw a numerous "couples" that week.
22 Votes
Clown Nudi (my name for it), just another one of the many colourful Nudi's
23 Votes
Blue Ribbon Eel
34 Votes
I was laying on my back in 20ft, taking shots of the kids. I placed my camera on my chest to blow an air ring. This kid totally caught me off guard by swimming down through the air ring. I just grabbed the camera and snapped.
28 Votes
Blenny being curious as always
32 Votes
39 Votes
This was a tough shot because it was moving almost 10 meters a minute! Heart pounding stuff! Ok, that's a lie, I couldn't think of anything exciting to say about taking a picture of a nudibranch... and just checking if anybody actually reads this smile
36 Votes
Locals getting dinner
21 Votes
24 Votes
Nikonos 5, 1:1 macro frame. Saw this one in my light on my way back to the stern after night dive. I was had 1 frame left, and tried for almost 10 min before I could get him in the frame, and this was the result. One shot, or more like one lucky shot
30 Votes
Shrimp on a whip/rope coral
16 Votes
Final RoundThrough to 2011 awards final round judging
43 Votes
Valentine's Day for Nudi's
23 Votes
Little too close for comfort
34 Votes
First dive in the morning, boat tied up above the wreck
56 Votes
Colourful Reef
24 Votes
Noting to say
18 Votes
Goby on hard coral, PNG
15 Votes

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date posted posted: Friday, September 2, 2011
date posted category: Macro - not swimming
date posted location: Pacific Papua New Guinea
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699 Entries Found: Page 11  of  26