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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Taiwan

678 Entries Found: Page 10  of  26
Trumpetfish.Nikon D80,105mmVR,f11,1/125,YS-120*2.
Juvenile Anemonefish.Nikon D80,105mmVR,f11,1/100,YS-120*2
(Hydatina of physis)With beautiful lace
Dancing__Tube worb
Northeast Coast Taiwan
Long-Snout Hawkfish.Nikon D80,105mmVR.
Nudibranch With white hair ( GF1 + 45mm + z240)
Glistening Nudibranch__Ceratosoma sinuatum
Northeast Coast Taiwan
I love to live in a well decorated house !
Northeast Coast Taiwan
Never seen this nudi 、 Northeast Coast Taiwan
Lunch、Northeast Coast Taiwan
Siphopteron brunneomarginatum, means a sea slug with side wings and brown margin. We call it SWAN here smile A very small one, about the size of a grain of rice.
Northeast Coast Taiwan
Linear blenny
Northeast Coast Taiwan
Lunch time, Panasonic-GF1 45mm Macro f1/160秒 f18.0 ISO100 with 1*z240
Sea whip goby ,
GF1 - 45mm - 1x Z240
1/80 - f8.0 - iso 100
Arc-eye Hawkfish.Nikon D80,105mmVR.
Squat Lobster on the Crinoid.NikonD80,105mmVR.
Traffic police: Turn right please smile
Decorator Crab
Northeast Coast Taiwan
Goby fish
A shining nudi
Northeast Coast Taiwan
Mantis Shrimp's eyes.Nikon D80,105mmVR.
Juvenile Frogfish.Nikon D80,105mmVR.
Two-barbel pipe fish
Smiling Blenny.Nikon D80,105mmVR.
Stella con anemone
678 Entries Found: Page 10  of  26

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