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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Antigua & Barbuda

24 Entries Found
“Pillars of Hercules” Limestone pillars carved by wind and waves over millennia
While on an eco tour of Antigua, they took us to this beach that was made up of all shells and coral pieces.
“Trilobite imposters” These are CHITONS and they are a Mollusk. Found them at Hells Gate off of Antigua
Pretty much spent half a tank trying to get a shot of this little dude
Shrimp in a tube sponge
saddled blenny ... apnea shoot
sharknose goby ... apnea shoot
southern stingray in barbuda ... apnea shoot
sea slug curly ... apnea shoot
Sharknose goby... apnea shoot
Whistle fish....
Nice eel in the shadow...
Nine line blennie...apnea shoot
Swimming Stingray
Blue Tang - Just caught the wee guy as he swam past
A Kaléidoscope of color
Fish coming toward me. Off the South Coast of Antigua. Nikon D200 F 6.3. ISO 100, 60mm Focal length.
This image captured the relaxation of life in the Caribbean, this was a beautiful sunset setting.
Curtain Bluff Morgans Reef
Jelly fish in the sun rays. Natural light. Antigua. Nikonos V, 20mm lens.
Natural light shot of diver exploring coral formations. Antigua. Nikonos V, 20mm lens.
Hobbies chilling on the beach in Antigua
Flying Gunard.
I took this image with a small canon digital Elph. I was taken free diving, in maybe 30' of water. I love to watch these things glide.
24 Entries Found

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