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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Rick Tegeler

386 Entries Found: Page 5  of  15
Sea Pen. Enjoy!
Pygmy seahorse
Spine cheek anemonefish
Underwater Photographer
Eye of a puffer....Enjoy!
Ornate butterflyfish...Kavieng, New Ireland, PNG
Close encounters....... Jellyfish.
Blue Ribbon Eel

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
another Photoshopped ribbon eel
Blue mask angelfish
On the wreck of the Shinkoku Maru
Hermissinda....Pacific North coast
Lion fish.... Kulau, East New Britain, PNG
Clown anemonefish... Walindi, West New Britain, PNG
Striped trigger - Red Sea shallows
Clown Anemonefish - the real NEMO. Tufi, Milne Bay Province. PNG. Enjoy!
'Symbiosis' Commensural shrimp on green bubble anemone (one's pregnant). Tufi, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. Enjoy!
'Dive Alaska' Definitely dry suit conditions. One of the hundreds of inlets and sounds along Alaska's Pacific coast. Rich in nutrients, filled with cold water exotics and REALLY cold. Enjoy!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Here's a shot with 'lead lines' can you see them?
'Hermissinda' Also often commonly called the 'Spanish Shawl'nudibranch. Catalina Island, California. Enjoy!
Juvenile spotted trunkfish. Curious and accommodating. Common to Caribbean reefs. Roatan, Bay Islands. Enjoy!
'Tapestry' Like a mini flying carpet this flatworm undulates across the shallow reef in the Cebu Sea. Enjoy!
'Blue Ribbon Eel' A somewhat illusive but interesting subject. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
'Regal Angelfish' A good and worthy subject to 'almost' close out the year! Enjoy!
'From my house... to yours...' Wishing you all the happiest and most prosperous holiday season and 2007. My Christmas wish/hope is that we use our multitude of talents to put strong effort into the protection of our ocean environments. Enjoy!
'Orange Study' Of the phylum Platyhelminthes flatworms differ from nudibranchs in that they are usually paper thin and have no external gills. Watever - I enjoyed the orange on orange. Tufi, Milne Bay Province, PNG. enjoy!
'Day is Done' Enjoy!
386 Entries Found: Page 5  of  15