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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Patrick Reardon

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French Angelfish Portrait.
Nice way to end a day of diving and underwater photography! Conch Point, Grand Cayman.
A lizard proudly poses atop the coral overlooking Conch Point along the West side of Grand Cayman. This little guy really knew how to strike a pose.
An arrow crab and his roomies, the brittle stars, living in a sponge. Kinda has the whole "Sponge Bob" theme. Managed to get my 105 Nikon to focus on them and a strobe on them, as well.
Chris Alpers, our divemaster, used a magnifying glass for us to view this little guy. Inset shows a magnified view. I think this is a Chelidonura berolina. Input welcome.
Lionfish, Grand Cayman. Unfortunately, very healthy specimen. D200 12 - 24 mm wide angle. Image cropped.
Portrait of a Bluestriped Grunt. Nikon D200, 105mm.
...closer inspection reveals this Peacock flounder doing an outstanding job of camouflage. The nearest sand is 30 to 40 feet below.
I couldn't figure out why Chris, our divemaster, was so interested in me having a look at this blighted piece of coral....
Anemone, Cracked Conch shore dive, Grand Cayman.
180〫panorama near Conch Point, Grand Cayman. Great views above and below. Diver's paradise.
Hanging with the divemaster doing a safety stop. He blew bubble-rings. The rings floated up and crossed the line holding a "sausage". As they rolled up, they wound up the line. Way cool.
Hanging at a safety stop when I noticed myself in the bubbles.
Kaleidoscopic image made from brightly colored coral. Lots of detail in the coral makes for an intricate pattern.
Colorful, healthy sponges in Grand Cayman.
A kaliedoscopic imagemade from sponges and fish scales. The saturation was then bumped up. I grew up in the 70's and would have proudly hung this on the wall for viewing under the black light. Physchadelic man!
Anchor seen in Turks and Caicos while diving aboard the Aggressor live aboard. Popeye would be proud, although the heart-shaped encrustation might detract from the "manliness" a bit. ( insert Popeye laugh here.)
Kaliedoscopic image from colorful sponges and corals. The central patterns evoke a "Persian Rug" look, all from nature!
I like the light and color in this shot.
Sharknosed goby on coral.
My daughter, Jenny, makes a kaleidocopic circle by holding hands with herself.
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Patrick's done a few on this theme. I like this one best. Would make a great table mat!
Image taken in the Fanta Sea. I noticed this sea is not listed on the pull-down menu. ;-)
Adventures in depth of field.
View from upcountry Maui. Kahoolawe, Molokini crater, Red Hill, and South Maui are visible.
A particularly colorful patch of vibrant reef in Grand Cayman.
Sunset panorama of Lanai and West Maui as seen from Wailea, South Maui.
Close up of turtle taken in Grand Cayman with 105 macro.
308 Entries Found: Page 7  of  12