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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Lisa Hinderlider

247 Entries Found: Page 9  of  10
"Going Home"
Heading back after an excellent day of diving!
3 Amigos! These squid were very curious and really checked me out after I hung in the water for a bit.
I love the contrast of this colorful Christmas Tree Worm against the coral.
"Willies Ring"
Barracuda cruising the shallows while I try to get closer...
sea & sea 110a strobe at half power
Barrel sponge beauty in gardens of the sea.
Nighty nite! Honeycomb Cow sleeping on night dive.
This fairly large hermit crab seemed to know he looked good, he was very patient while I got the right angle!
Boca Spelonk Lighthouse on eastern tip of Bonaire as viewed from Larrys Wild Side Zodiac on a rare dive day.
Pretty Purple Pipes...
Ever curious reef squid, jewels of the sea.
Flock o Flamingo tongues
A flash of color behind the bike wheel laying on the wreck of the Halliburton. Utila
Pretty as a daisy... Christmas tree worms are a favorite!
Reflections. Salt piles behind the drying ponds. Bonaire
Skidding in at 100 feet!
Male squid flashing colors & posturing for nearby female's benefit.
It's good to be queen!
Subtle abstract. Lettuce sea slug next to a pretty patch of coral.
A palm & some pastels. Evening shot off Bari Reef.
Hello Handsome!
Into the blue...
Evening light through the window at Red Slave, Bonaire
"Fully loaded" coral head at Atlantis dive site. Bonaire
A Fairy Basslet beauty. Bonaire
A healthy stand of elkhorn coral in the shallows at Karpata in Bonaire
Stoplight Parrots "pseudo" cleaning in the early morning hours at Bari reef in Bonaire.
247 Entries Found: Page 9  of  10