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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Zaid Fadul

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Rock beauties are generally very shy and hard to photo. Unless of course you sit and wait and dont breathe for 5 minutes until they come by =)
Red boring sponges are anything but for a photogrpaher ;-)
My dive buddy astutely observing water while a comb jelly swims by
Honky Lips in all his glory =)
Red boring sponge with a juvenile sponge brittle star making himself comfortable.
Star plate coral has fascinating formations in the center of the plate growth.
Off of Cabo San Lucas there are many sea lions and they seem to have found their spot in the sun =)
Spotted drums are one of the more distinctly patterned fish in the Caribbean.
If you could imitate a smile with your body, I would suspect this to be the pose =)
The eye of this scarlet reef shrimp was simply mesmerizing. I stumbled upon a cleaning station before I knew what happened.
Nemo and his son.
Anything you can see through is automatically cool in my book. Especially when its a shrimp...
Trigger of this filefish.
Closeup of "Black Coral" that is sadly so commonly harvested for jewelry.
Schooling barracuda are always the best...
This octopus was in the process of eating this queen conch. Definitely something to see.
Golden silk spider hangs out near marshes. Their web is strong enough to hold a flying fish were it to jump into it.
I found this angle to simply be captivating. Vote for it if you think so too...
Ready for my close-up =)
It is usually hard to catch the many colors in the scales of a Black Durgon. It only shows up at a particular angle looking at the fish.
Portrait ofa common reef pctopus
Piece of the German Sub U-352 in North Carolina. All kinds of life have overgrown it.
I creeped a little too close to this juvenile undulated eel
Great Star Coral polyps during the day
Comb jellies use their cilias lined in rows for propulsion. If you get close enough, you will see the row light up like Xmas lights.
Look close, tell me what you see...
This banded coral shrimp has no qualms standing his ground.
138 Entries Found: Page 2  of  6